CounterGo on a small monitor and tablets

CounterGo on a small monitor and tablets

In the latest update, CounterGo got a lot easier to use on a small computer screen, iPad… and other tablets. When you’re doing a drawing, the size of the canvas shrinks based on the size of your screen.

That really reduces the amount of scrolling you need to do, and will help our users who’re creating quotes and drawings from a homeowner’s residence.

Moraware iPad

We also stopped the soft keyboard from popping up on the iPad, which makes the entire experience much smoother.

Updating Old Quotes

We also now allow you to make changes to old quotes without being on the latest version of the price list. In cases where you want to use the latest price list, you can still update, but it’s optional.

Updating price list

Want to know more? At Moraware, we make software for countertop fabricators. CounterGo is countertop drawing, layout, and estimating software. JobTracker is scheduling software that helps you eliminate the time you waste looking for job folders. RemnantSwap is a free place to buy and sell granite remnants with fabricators near you.

6 thoughts on “CounterGo on a small monitor and tablets


    Size of the working area is way to small. Perfect for residential, but the small area makes using countergo very challenging. Some of the commercial quotes that I am doing are 10 + slabs. Worst than the small area is the drag when you have that many pieces drawn. it takes 20 to 30 seconds to place a piece at that volume.

  2. Jeff Huddle


    It would be nice for you to either create a free app that would facilitate easier access to the login page, or creating a login area on your website so that I could go to your website, then log in and be redirected to countergo.

    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      Thanks for the idea, Jeff! For now, you might want to consider putting a shortcut on your phone or tablet – on an iPad, you can click the link that looks like a box with an arrow to any web page from Safari to your home screen.

  3. Evan Garrett

    Do I need to change the Web address when I log in with a tablet. When accessing moraware on my galaxy tab 4 the task bar follows the screen when I scroll down. It takes up valuable space when screen space is already at a min. Just wondering if the site automatically recognizes that I am logging on from a tablet.

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