New training videos

New training videos

Recently, we explored how we could improve our training materials. While we have lots of explanations and “how to” guides, we don’t have comprehensive end-to-end training for new users – for CounterGo or JobTracker.


That’s something I’m currently working to fix. Our users seem to prefer watching videos to reading text, so the focus is on video training for now.

It’s going to take a while to complete – in fact, it will probably never be “done” – training needs to be constantly updated, added to, and tweaked as our software evolves. Rather than wait until it’s truly end-to-end, it seems better to publish what we have when we have it.

So on that note, the first segment of CounterGo new-user training is now available at It’s about 5 minutes long and covers Step 1 – Draw Counters. I’m actively writing, recording, and editing new segments, so check that page regularly for updates (I’ll also announce new segments on Facebook and Twitter). I’m focusing on CounterGo until there’s a critical mass of content that will help new users – then I will shift focus to JobTracker.

As always, if you have any questions or need help using our software, email or call 866-312-9273, ext 2 – and we’d also be happy to hear your feedback on our new (or existing) training materials.

2 thoughts on “New training videos

  1. David Shica

    Looking into your software. How much will it be if I have 2 devices? A tablet and a PC?
    Will they sync with each other?
    Thanks for your response.

    1. Harry Hollander

      Hi David – our software is charged by the user, not the device – that means you can log in from any PC or tablet with an internet connection. Since it’s completely web-based, work you do from one machine will be available from others.

      Feel free to call if you’ve got more questions or if you’d like to walk through a short online demo: 866-312-9273

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