Moraware Newsletter – March 2014

Mar 24, 2014 | Newsletter

Public service announcement: If you’re using Windows XP, please, please, please stop. Here’s why.


The latest CounterGo update included changes to make the whole experience better on iPads, other tablets, and small computer screens.

It’s also possible to update old quotes without updating to the latest price list, and reorder areas.

CounterGo lets you draw, layout, and quote countertops in 3 minutes. Find out more by calling us at 866-312-9273.


The latest JobTracker update added more flexibility to shop views – you can now add multiple columns, by assignee, by activity, or both.

We’ve also added ways to duplicate appointments. Plus, you can change the default sorting of activities on the job detail page. Here’s how.

JobTracker is scheduling software that replaces your whiteboard, file folders, and spreadsheets. To find out more, call us any time. 866-312-9273


Counter Production of Watlington, in the United Kingdom OH has developed a culture of continuous improvement.

Their focus on delivering high quality to their wholesale customers has enabled them to grow to about 50 employees. Here’s their story.

Innovative Surfaces in Hastings, MN uses lean manufacturing principles to manage their operation that built about $20M in countertops last year.

They keep analyzing the bottlenecks in their process and managing the workflow to lower costs and become more efficient. More details here.


We’re happy to be involved with several industry education seminars. Please join us!
5/14/2014: Stone Industry Education in Toronto, ON
6/13/2014: Park Industries Digital Expo in St. Cloud, MN
6/19/2014: Stone Industry Education in Dulles, VA


RemnantSwap is a free place to buy and sell countertop remnants. Take a minute and see what materials are near you. Search for any color or material and we’ll show you what’s closest to you.
Here’s more info, including a 2-minute video.

You can reach us at or call toll-free 866-312-9273.