Job Detail activity sorting, duplicating appointments, change log

Mar 18, 2014 | JobTracker Tips

We’ve been busily working on JobTracker, and there some new features that we wanted to share with you.

It’s now possible to change the default sort order on the job detail page. Instead of always being sorted by the Activity Type, you can change the sorting to be by Date. You can decide whether the default sort order should show the newest activities first, or the oldest first. And, if you have Phases on jobs, you can group the activities by Phase, too.

You can change the default sort order on the Job Settings page.
Default Activity Sorting

It’s also now possible to duplicate appointments. Just click on an existing appointment and choose Duplicate.

Duplicate appointments

In addition, we’ve also added more logging. You’ll notice some changes to administrative parts of JobTracker will show up in the change log for a user.

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