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Dec 1, 2014 | CounterGo Tips, JobTracker Tips

We are pleased to announce the rollout of our updated online Help system for CounterGo, JobTracker and JobTracker Inventory Edition.

Try the new & improved Help for CounterGo & JobTracker

The new help system can easily be reached by visiting

CounterGo/JobTracker Help


Using Help Search

One of the highlights of the new system is a powerful Search function. Start typing a keyword, and matches immediately appear. Note that CounterGo and JobTracker help are searched simultaneously.

Help Searh

Search example – searching for “shape”


Quick Index and Print Article

The new help system also makes it easy to locate related information. Located at the bottom of many articles is a related articles section. Articles containing multiple sections include a quick index at the top. Clicking an item will jump to that section of the help article. To print a help article, click the printer icon at the upper right of an article.

Help Article Quick Index

Using Quick Index & Print functionality


The JobTracker Getting Started Guide

The new help system also includes a brand new Getting Started Guide for JobTracker.

JobTracker Getting Started Guide

JobTracker Getting Started Guide


Still need help? Friendly Moraware support is always a click away…

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