StoneTalk Episode 9 – Harry & Ted from Moraware

Dec 2, 2014 | StoneTalk

It’s pretty painful to listen to a recording of yourself (or a podcast, in this case), but luckily Ted and Patrick did most of the talking in this episode of StoneTalk.

We made the recording while we were all attending a software conference, with beers in hand, so it was fun. I really enjoyed being able to share a bit about how the company got started, some of the philosophy behind our products, and a little bit of insight into what we’re up to these days.


Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The history behind Moraware’s beginnings
  • Why Moraware transitioned to a subscription model
  • How pricing philosophy is integrated into CouterGO
  • How to track your margin over a period of time
  • Best practices for tracking fabrication data
  • What you can do today (for free) to start tracking your inventory more efficiently
  • The innovative ways of inventory tracking

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