StoneTalk Episode 11 – Jason Nottestad

Dec 16, 2014 | StoneTalk

Jason Nottestad of VT Industries has had an eclectic career path, but it seems to be treating him well. At one point he had his own fab-less countertop shop, and has had responsibilities for various parts of customer service, production, and now international sourcing at VT.

VT is a fascinating company, since they’re the largest producer of postform laminate, but also have aggressive growth in hard surfaces… especially quartz countertops.


In episode 11 of StoneTalk, you’ll learn:

  • How VT Industries handles shipping and logistics
  • The two different divisions that benefit from materials purchased from China.
  • How VT industries became the nation’s largest post-form laminate producer.
  • New innovative ways that VT Industries has made changes in post-form laminate market.

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