Stand Out From The Pack, Step Two

Jun 12, 2015 | Business

Last week, we saw that the first step to establishing a solid, unique selling proposition and transforming your countertop business is to choose your buyer.

There are specific customers you serve and specific problems you solve. Use this in your messaging and test if it gets you a better response.

What are you selling?

Step two is to differentiate your business by choosing what it is that you’re selling, and the key is to find something that will swing more buyers your way.

So, what is it that you are selling that is unique to you?

Dave Ramsey is a New York Times bestselling author and is heard on more than 450 radio stations throughout the U.S. to more than 4 million listeners every week. People from all walks trust Dave with their financial problems and alter their entire lives to follow his advice to become debt free.

If you’ve heard his radio show, you know how passionate he is and his conservative, no bull approach to fixing people’s finances and getting them out of debt. Like most radio or TV personalities, Dave is a perfect example of establishing a unique selling proposition by selling himself.

He has a rags to riches story, establishing a 4 million dollar real estate portfolio by age 26 and losing it by age 30 only to rebuild into the celebrity financial expert he is today. Love him or not, Dave has built his success and fame on his unique views, personality, and financial success story.

You’re not just selling a countertop

You have something you offer that is unique, too, and you can use this to win more customers.

  • What is it about your knowledge and skills that no one can compete with in the industry?
  • What is your experience or your story that got you where you are today?
  • What is it about your personality that makes customers buy from you time and time again?

If you can answer either of the three questions above, and you can satisfy the four requirements of an effective USP, you are your unique selling proposition. Just like Dave Ramsey, what you are uniquely selling is yourself.

If that is not the case for you, your service or product may also be completely unique. Maybe you are the only fabricator in town to offer custom painted backsplashes, or you are the only fabricator in the world to install Black Opal countertops. This alone may win you lots of high-paying customers.

If you don’t currently sell a product or service that is uniquely appealing, what can you do to create one?

Position yourself in a unique way

How you position yourself can greatly affect your image in the marketplace. This can go positive or negative, and there are prime examples of this in every community. Find what is unmatched and unique about you or your service or product, and make this unmistakably clear in every interaction that you have.

Your advertisements should be obvious about it, your staff should be obvious about it, and you should be reinforcing it at every opportunity.

Have something unique and compelling in what you are selling so you stand out from the crowd and win more customers.

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