Stand Out From The Pack, Step Three

Jun 19, 2015 | Business

In steps 1 and 2, we focused on two critical pieces for crafting your unique selling proposition for your countertop business. First, you must choose your buyer. Second, you must choose what it is you are selling.

Choose your unique angle

Now that we’ve gotten the hardest parts out of the way, Step 3< is to choose your unique angle.

Having a unique angle has enabled thousands of businesses to become huge successes in just about every major industry.

FedEx used a unique angle to come onto the scene as the first freight company to offer overnight shipping. Their slogan made it unmistakable: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

TOMS Shoes is another great example of being the only shoe company to give back and donate a free pair of shoes to a child in need. “One for one.

Although you don’t need to come up with your own catchy slogan for countertops, you do want to determine a unique angle that you can advertise.

Here’s a list of unique angles your business can take to differentiate yourself to your customers:

  • A unique benefit, result, or outcome
  • A unique deliverable
  • A unique track record
  • A unique level of customization
  • A unique level of quality
  • A unique environment or presentation
  • A unique method or mechanism
  • A unique experience of doing, using, or attending
  • A unique bundle
  • A unique price or payment plan

Can you promise something special about what your customers will get from working with you? That can be your unique angle.

You already have a unique angle

Do you provide a higher level of quality that you can back up with data or proof?

Do you have especially friendly or interesting employees, or is there a unique way or time frame that you deliver a finished kitchen or bath? Most businesses don’t know the power of having a unique angle and how it can transform sales. Your competitors don’t know this, and you want to be the one to do this first.

Go through the list of options above and ask yourself two questions:

  1. Do I already have a unique angle here that I’ve just never advertised?
  2. Can I take this concept and create a new angle in my business that I can then advertise?

A little creativity and ingenuity is all it takes to create a unique angle that is highly attractive to your customers. Start using this in your marketing and your sales can literally change overnight.

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