“Hi” from the new guy at Moraware!

by | Mar 4, 2016 | News

Hello there!  I’m Eric Hollander and, as of March 2016, I’m the newbie at Moraware.  Home is outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, where I’ve lived since 2006 with my wife and two kids.  Before that, I lived and worked in Washingt1016-03-01 EH Profile Picon, DC and Chicago.  I’ve always enjoyed being the newbie.  As a kid, I lived on 3 continents before the age of 10!  As a result, I enjoy getting to know new people, places and ways of doing things.

I was an HR person in corporate America for almost 20 years.  Throughout my career, part of my role always was to ensure that companies were providing their people the best resources available, whether it was training, hiring, organizational design, etc.  Over time, it became clear to me that technology plays a huge factor in allowing employees to work at their best.  So, working for a technology company, directly with customers, solving business issues and enjoying great coworkers is what I was looking for and actually found at Moraware!  

In my first few days, I’ve been immersed in learning about the countertop industry and also Moraware’s products.  As I become more exposed to these specialized tools, I have realized just how powerful they are in driving a profitable business, regardless of size.  I’m also struck with how far-flung the countertop industry is, and how many customers we’ve touched.  Check out some of Moraware’s customer profiles.

As a parent of two active kids much of my non-work time is focused on them…from a competitive synchronized swimmer (yes, it’s a thing) to a burgeoning hockey star-slash-karate phenom, my wife and I may need to look into getting our chauffeur licenses!  Aside from that, we love to travel to new places, both near and far.  My newest hobby is sausage-2016-03-04_Salamimaking.  I’m still learning and experimenting, but I just finished my first batch of salami and survived the tasting!  So, if you have any tips or ever just want to talk charcuterie, give me a call.  


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