Editing multiple edge dimensions at once

Editing multiple edge dimensions at once

In the original version of CounterGo, you could hit Tab or Enter to go to the next edge dimension while editing a countertop. In the new version, both of those keys have reserved meanings, so we couldn’t use them that way.

Now we have a replacement: Alt-N. When you want to edit more than one edge on a top, just click the Save & Next Edge button OR type Alt-N instead of Enter (the underlined letter is a clue that you can use it as a keyboard shortcut). The orange arrow shows you which edge you’re editing.

We hope this new shortcut will help you edit your countertops slightly faster!

You also might notice a recent change on Step 4 – when you click Add Sink Model, it brings up a tiny window instead of a menu – that should make things work better when you put a lot of sinks on your price list (though we still recommend 5-20 as the sweet spot). Notice you can always click +Custom at the top of that window to add a one-time use model.

If you have any questions or thoughts, just let us know by emailing support@moraware.com.

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