Unveiling the new CounterGo!

Unveiling the new CounterGo!

I’m really excited to announce that we’re officially taking the wraps off of our new version of CounterGo!

For about the past two years, our team has been working on making significant changes to CounterGo, so that it works with the other product we announced at the beginning of 2018 – Systemize.

The new version of CounterGo makes it much easier to use on touchscreen devices like iPads, other tablets, and laptops. We concentrated on making the buttons more clear when you’re using your fingers instead of a mouse. Even if you’re not using a touchscreen, the experience has gotten cleaner, simpler, and easier on the eyes.

For current users of CounterGo

Since the beginning of the year, new Moraware CounterGo customers have been on the new version. Now, we’d like to roll it out to our existing CounterGo users. If you’re a customer who’s been using CounterGo since before 2018 and you want to be among the first to experience the new update, please let us know by emailing us!

(but if you’re also using JobTracker, unfortunately, we’re still not quite ready for you).

Here’s a video that walks through the new version of CounterGo. If you’re an existing user, you’ll notice some subtle (& not so subtle) differences. But overall, the idea of CounterGo is the same – to make drawings, countertop layouts, and quotes incredibly fast and professional.

3 thoughts on “Unveiling the new CounterGo!

  1. Raymond St Gelais

    It would have been nice if your disclaimer, (*but if you’re also using JobTracker, unfortunately, we’re still not quite ready for you), had been located just above the email sign-up box…I would have caught it prior to signing up! 🙂
    Just let me know what you are all set for JobTracker clients.
    Thanks for all you do.
    All my best,

  2. Mike

    Can you briefly explain the benefits of the upgrade? Or, basically, is it recommended to convert to the new format? I have been using the previous version for a few years so unless there is a distinct advantage for improvement, I would have to consider the change and how that would affect my staff.

    1. Patrick Foley

      That’s a great question, Mike! For starters, if you think it would be disruptive, you don’t have to upgrade. Also, if you also use JobTracker, we’re not quite ready to upgrade you.

      There are couple of big benefits if you decide to upgrade. The most obvious is that it just looks better and it feels “simpler” – it’s easier on the eyes and it works like a modern web app. When you click on a button or a link, something clear happens (instead of just getting a menu). This generally makes users happier and makes it easier to train new employees.

      The other big benefit is that it works much better on tablets now. More and more of our customers have been using always-connected devices in the field, and the new version works great for that scenario.

      The vast majority of customers who have switched prefer the new one. But if you try it and just don’t like it, we can switch you back. Just send an email to support@moraware.com if you’d like to make the switch.

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