Updates to the JobTracker / Systemize API

Updates to the JobTracker / Systemize API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) lets programmers write software that integrates with JobTracker or Systemize. Several of our partners have developed products that depend on the API.

Based primarily on their feedback, we’ve recently made some additions to our API. Most notably, we’ve made it easier to:

  • Find the job(s) you want without having to loop through accounts and jobs
  • Get the status of a job without having to loop through activities
  • Get serial number balances and allocations without having to loop through purchase orders and jobs

In addition, we’ve added a few small capabilities that were previously missing but always seemed like they should be there.

We also moved the documentation online to developer.moraware.com (no more help file). You can view a complete list of version 5 changes on that site.

There’s still plenty that you can’t do with the API – most notably, there’s still no way to get at quotes programmatically – but these improvements make it much easier to complete the kinds of tasks that programmers have already been using the API to address. If you’re a programmer, give the changes a look (the simplest way is to view the samples), and let us know if you have any questions or issues with them.

2 thoughts on “Updates to the JobTracker / Systemize API


    What kind of support can you give to software developers and integrators? We are working for one of your customers to add RFID tracking and need a test setup.

  2. Patrick Foley Post author

    Hi Yuan,

    Send an email to support@moraware.com and let us know what customer you’re working with. We sometimes duplicate a customer database so that you can test from that, but obviously, we would clear that directly with the customer first.


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