A Strange Number is Calling Me & Other Spooky Things

Oct 23, 2018 | CounterGo Tips, JobTracker Tips, Systemize

It’s that time of year – the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are carved, and we’re here to tell some spooky stories heard from the Moraware team!

Stranger Numbers

You’ve just gotten your third cup of coffee and finally get a chance to sit down and go over the invoices from last week when….RING RING! Startled, you look at the caller ID and it’s an unknown number. Is it the kids’ school? Did you forget about a doctor’s appointment? One of those dreaded telemarketers trying to sell you premium cat food? And you don’t even have a cat?! The suspense is too much.

Fear not, it’s us – your friendly Moraware team calling for our scheduled support call! If 866-312-9273 is calling you, it’s OK to answer. We promise not to scare you.

Not very spooky note: Sometimes we might be calling from Skype and it’ll be an unknown number. If you don’t answer, we understand – we’ll leave you a voicemail letting you know we called at our scheduled time and you can shoot us an email at support@moraware.com for a new time.

Time is Running Out

Is there anything scarier than feeling overwhelmed by a to-do list? You’re right – there isn’t! And that’s probably why you’ve signed up for Systemize or CounterGo. To make your lives easier. Great idea, by the way!

But then, you have those onboarding calls. And we’re back to being spooked by the overwhelming to-do list because there’s just one more thing on it!

We’re here to say hey, there’s no monster in the closet….taking the time out of a busy day for the 30 minute onboarding call is going to save you in the long run. It’s essential to learn how to navigate the software and get set up on the right foot for your (and our) success – we’re in this together! Putting off the first steps will only prolong the scary season but if you make the time now, you’ll be successful in no time.

The Price Lists Clones

Price lists are so great. It’s what makes using CounterGo quick and consistent. But get ready to gasp audibly – We’ve seen as many as eleven price lists in a single account! Things are sliding back into the inconsistent, chaotic days of yore and we’re all scared. We were doing so well!

But there is nothing to be scared of when you’ve got the Moraware support team on your side. If you find yourself being swallowed alive by the price list clone army, let us help you! We can help you figure out the best way to use price lists for your shop so everyone can quote accurately and as quickly as ever.