A First Time Fabricator Visit

Mar 5, 2019 | Customer Profile

I recently had the pleasure of visiting America’s Dream HomeWorks during a trip to Sacramento for Digital Stoneworking Expo. As a software salesman, it is always a welcome change of pace for me to see the inner workings of a stone fabrication shop. This is especially true when I know that Moraware is at least a small part of those inner workings.

Although I have been with Moraware for nearly two quarters now, the amount of time I have spent with our customers in their daily routine has been somewhat limited. Also, working primarily in sales means I’m spending most of my time talking to people who aren’t customers yet.

So, being able to visit the team at America’s Dream HomeWorks gave me the chance to see how much I love visiting our awesome customers. It’s eye-opening to be able to see the results of the meaningful business conversations I have every day in action!

Experiencing the Industry

My visit to America’s Dream HomeWorks left me truly impressed. From the moment I pulled into their large parking lot surrounding their impressively lettered building, I knew I was in for a treat. The front doors lead into a pristine showroom that is lined wall-to-wall with entire slabs. The space between these slab-lined walls is full of great stoneworking examples too.

From the immaculate stone furniture (fabricators always seem to have the best desks!) to the vignettes that could give anyone bathroom and kitchen envy, there is no shortage of fun stuff to look at in their showroom. After perusing their showroom for a few minutes (and considering each and every way I’d like to remodel my own home), we walked through the back to where the real action is.

The hum of giant digital machines cutting slabs, pieces of stone getting polished to perfection, the workforce getting these things done in a timely and tidy fashion – all of the cool stuff that never happens in my office! Visiting our customers always gives me a good reminder of what it takes to run a successful fabrication shop, and America’s Dream HomeWorks is a stunning example of this!

Experiencing Results

As a part of Moraware’s sales team, I spend a lot of my day talking to people who aren’t customers yet. This is something I truly love doing because I feel like I’m helping people get solutions and answers to their business problems. Taking the time with each new potential customer to hear what they’re currently doing, what they think can be improved upon, and how they can do so is very rewarding for me.

However, talking with potential new customers doesn’t always leave me with the opportunity to see the short and long term results our current customers benefit from. This is another reason why I love visiting Moraware’s awesome customers – experiencing those results first hand.

The great team working at America’s Dream HomeWorks is not only dedicated to keeping their business great, they’re dedicated to finding ways to improve it. It always makes me happy to visit customers that are excited to whip out their laptop after showing us around the shop.

It’s during this time (at one of those previously mentioned stone desks) that I get to hear about how much time CounterGo is saving on quotes, or how much smoother operations are (or will be) with Systemize. There’s really no value that can be assigned to experiencing those results in person and in the context of everything else their business is accomplishing at any given time. 

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