The Importance of a Software Demo for Fabricators

Feb 26, 2019 | Business, CounterGo, Systemize

So, you’re interested in investing in some software to help your countertop shop run smoothly and drum up more business. That is fantastic!

Ideally, you’ve done your research and found the bottlenecks in your process where software can help. You’ve asked around, you’ve checked out the websites, and you’ve browsed helpful forums like the SFA. You’re ready to buy.

When you’re excited, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait to give a company your money and get started. We totally get that! Your time is valuable and the quicker you get started, the quicker you can improve your shop’s process. So why wait for a demo?

We are confident that going over the software and your business needs together is so important to your success with the software. In fact, we are so confident about it that we make having a demo a requirement before purchase of CounterGo or Systemize.

The Moraware Demo Strategy

Whether you are brand new to the software or a returning customer, it will only benefit you to have a discussion with the sales team. At Moraware, we have found the discussion about your business that takes place during the demo is key to your success with the software.

These demos are much more than just a demonstration of our software. They include an essential discussion about what you’re doing now for scheduling or estimating, what is working in your existing process, and what isn’t working that you need help with. We want to know what the consequence of you not changing your current process is so we can help you determine the value of this software for your shop.

If you can clearly paint a picture about your bottleneck and the solution you need, our salesperson can give you a better demo. They can show you potential solutions to your specific needs. Even if you are a little hazy about what’s holding your shop back, this discussion can act as a business consultation and find those pain points with you!

And, this discussion allows our sales team to be honest about whether or not investing in that particular software is beneficial to your business. We’re not in the business of taking money for the sake of it, we’re in the business of helping countertop fabricators.

If you’ve already used the software before…

We love hearing this!It makes us so proud to hear that our software worked so well for you that you want to continue using it wherever you go.

However, like any software, updates happen constantly. During your demo, you’ll get a nice refresher on the software you already know so well. More importantly, you’ll get to see what updates and new features have improved the software you already get value from!

Even if you’ve used our software in the past, it’s important that you go through a demo with us. This isn’t just a great way to share any changes in the software that have happened since you last used it.It’s also a great time to chat about why the software didn’t work for you the first time and how it could help you this time.

Maybe your needs have changed or maybe they haven’t and you just never got started on the software in the first place. Either way, talking this through with us will help us better determine your path to success using our software.

And thank you…

Your patience in waiting for a demo with us does not go unnoticed. We have some amazing customers! Starting new software requires time and effort in order to be successful. From taking the time to receive a demo to committing to onboarding, your dedication and feedback is essential to both your success as well as ours.

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