Partner Highlight: DataBridge Integrations

by | May 13, 2019 | Business, Systemize

Our number one priority at Moraware is to help fabricators. Its why we created estimating and scheduling software!

But we also understand that each fabrication shop is different in many ways and requires a variety of solutions in order to get more out of Moraware. This is why we partner with some amazing companies that also care about countertop fabricators.

Meet Databridge Integrations

The men behind DataBridge have a vision – to automate your redundant processes and save you time. Scott, Marty, and Shawn are passionate about creating integrations between established software platforms. We’re big fans of the variety of integrations they’ve created that link with Systemize!

Their favorite part of what they do? Hearing their customers tell them how much their apps saved them time by cutting down errors and redundancy through automation.

Keep track of your inventory

The MIRS (Moraware Inventory Reconciliation System) enables a Moraware Inventory user to create and print barcodes for every slab in the shop. The user is able to scan these barcodes using the app to keep track of all inventory, including remnants. MIRS is an app that produces fast and accurate inventory management for many fabricators.

Automatically send emails and texts to your customers

With JMAIL, a Systemize user can keep their customers updated with real-time progress on their job. JMAIL automatically sends notifications to customers based on the job status in Systemize. Those emails and text messages are fully customizable. For example, when an install date is added to a job, a JSIP user could automatically set a reminder email or text to go out to the customer 24 hours before the install.

Share data between Moraware and Slabsmith

If a fabricator uses both Systemize and Slabsmith, JSIP is a great tool to link the data between the two. By only having to enter information once, DataBridge estimates an annual savings of 600 hours of data entry and a whole lot of time fixing errors made from manually entering the same info in two different places!

Interested in learning more about how DataBridge can help you get more out of your Moraware? Listen to Scott and Marty’s interview on StoneTalk where they discuss the type of customers who use DataBridge tools.

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