We’re hiring! Sales, On-boarding, and Software Development.

May 9, 2019 | Moraware Team

Okay, I already ruined the punchline, but I’ll say it again. We’re hiring! If you’re a full stack software developer, or if you’ve done sales or onboarding for a Software-as-a-Service company… take a look at our job listings and learn more about what it’s like to work at Moraware.

If you’ve been following the Moraware story up to this point, you might be thinking that it’s not our style to hire so many folks at once. Well, last year our team grew by 50%, and we still need more help to accomplish all of our goals. For a long time we focused on making sure our team was super lean. But, over the past few months we realized how much better our company can be if we grow.

Growth is in our DNA

As a company, we’ve been focused on increasing revenue and profit. It’s not always automatic, but over the last 16 years, that’s what we’ve been working on and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. The green & blue bars represent our increasing revenue since 2012.

But, the red line represents something else that’s not scientific, and pretty hard to measure. Let’s call it “Company Sophistication“. Even though the revenue growth is nice and smooth, we only increase our company sophistication in bumps and jumps. Those bumps are painful and require outsize effort from the whole team.

The biggest reason that the sophistication line isn’t smooth is that we were mostly focusing on the things that helped our customers and bring us revenue: sales, on-boarding, customer support, and software development. We’d only make changes to our internal processes or structure in reaction to something going wrong. And, by the time things are blowing up, it’s even more stressful to make big changes.

Moraware in 10 years: better than today

We want to keep growing, and we want our company to be around for the long haul. And, we want it to be even BETTER.

Better means more stability, both for company and for everyone working here. It also means that we need to plan for growth, rather than just reacting to it. We could choose to keep reacting, but that’s painful and hard to manage. We want Moraware to be running more smoothly. We could also choose to slow down or stop our growth, but that’s the same as killing the company. Eventually we couldn’t serve our customers and someone would come along and eat our lunch. No thanks!

Growth also means we can deliver more value to our customers. We have a huge opportunity to make our existing customers more successful and solve more problems for them. Plus, we intend to keep getting more customers.

Yes, serving our customer better is a huge part of why we’re growing our team, but there’s a more selfish reason, too…

Quality of Life

When we’re busting at the seams, quality of life suffers for everyone involved with Moraware. We take quality of life seriously and we’re not willing to sacrifice quality of life for the financial goals. That goes for the quality of life of our owners, employees, and customers. We’ve taken a long-term view of the business, and if everyday of working with us or for Moraware is a grind… we’ll that’s not very good long-term thinking.

Growth also lets us increase our quality of life. We want to make sure that everyone is engaged and challenged, but not overwhelmed. Without growing the team, taking time off feels like it might slow down the progress of the company, or overwhelm the rest of the team with more work. Growing our team also means that we can spend more time building the internal tools to make Moraware run more smoothly.

Growing our company also means that we can help folks make progress toward their career goals. As we add to the team, there’s more opportunity for growth within the company. But, even though it feels like a big change from inside, it’s actually just an incremental step in terms of company sophistication. Instead of a corporate career ladder, we’ve got a corporate step-stool.

Excited for the future

That’s a lot of explanation to say that I’m really excited about our opportunities in the future. Having a plan for growth is really going to make our company better in the long-run. We’ll continue to increase our revenue, profit, and quality of life. We’re going to have a great company culture, and get things done without heroic effort. And, we’re going to get really good at increasing our company sophistication to match our growth.

And, we might need YOU! Are you a software engineer with C#, Javascript, and SQL experience? What about a master of having business-focused sales conversations? Or, do you love helping new customers get started?