Why Moraware is the best place to work: quality of life

Mar 29, 2019 | Moraware Team

The Moraware guiding principles are to improve revenue, profit, and quality of life. Revenue and profit are pretty obvious and easy to measure – those are the economic engines that keep our company around for the long-term. But what does quality of life mean?

We recently worked through this as a team, and came up with statements that we believe are true… or should be true in the the future. After collecting everyone’s ideas it became clear that the important areas that define quality of life are contribution, team, time, career, and money.

Here’s what we mean by quality of life at Moraware:


  • My work is engaging & challenging, but not overwhelming.
  • My work is valuable, I’m good at it, and I like doing it.
  • My work has a measurable impact on the success of the company.


  • I have a great relationship with my team.
  • I have open and clear communication with my manager and peers.


  • I take time off. When others on my team take time off, I’m not overwhelmed by extra work.
  • For work that doesn’t depend on other people, I have flexibility to schedule my time.


  • I am improving my skills through education both inside and outside of Moraware.
  • I am making progress toward my career goals.


  • I participate in the financial success of the company.

If you’re thinking of joining our team, hopefully you’re reading this and it’s a great sales pitch for why you should consider our company! Check out our careers page for open jobs.

Or, if you’re a countertop fabricator maybe this is an idea that makes a great company culture for your own business. Having a great team is one of the most important factors in our company’s success – I bet that’s true for every business whether you make software or countertops!