The Oregon Trail of Fabrication Shops

Aug 2, 2019 | Customer Profile

Whoa!” is the first thing that comes to my mind after seeing these shops! I was lucky enough to visit three shops in my first three weeks of working at Moraware.

A Portland tour of Innovative Stone Concepts, Precision Countertops, and Crowley’s Granite was the icing on the cake to round out my introduction to the countertop industry.

First stop was Innovative Stone Concepts. Brent, the owner, was sitting behind his desk working on a quote when we arrived! He had a lot of CounterGo questions for us that Julie was able to help him with. I was able to see someone using it and see some of the tips and tricks that he was really excited about. The zoom and pan in the drawings were a life changer! It reminded me of when I first figured out how to freeze cells in excel!

Brent being an expert CounterGo quoter!

Sometimes those simple, little things really make all the difference in how successful a shop is with software! He had a lot of great questions and work arounds that he has figured out on his own since last November when he became a user. It was pretty inspiring to see how Brent really made CounterGo work for him and his shop.

And, as a new person to Moraware and fabrication, it was really educational to see where they cut the stone and really get a feel for how these shops work! 

Our next stop was a Precision Countertops. Talk about a 180! This shop was HUGE. They had a ton of people using both Moraware products. It was amazing seeing so many people using our software all at once and to see it so integrated into their process.

I also thought it was really neat that they had touch screens in the shop so the guys could start, stop and pause jobs! Steve did a great job explaining their process from start to finish on our tour. I learned so much more about the industry at this shop. 

Steve believes that every shop should have a set up to keep everyone updated on job progress

The third and final shop visit for this trip was at Crowley’s Granite. This was a great shop, felt really calm, and dedicated to the process. It was great to hear Aaron talk about how important having a process is to keep your shop calm and efficient, your employees happy, and reduce stress. He even detailed how Moraware has helped with this!

Aaron has given some amazing talks in the industry and if you haven’t already, check him out as our very first guest on StoneTalk.

We even got to see the No Lift Install System up close and personal…right before it was shipped off to Norway!

Spending some time with Aaron on the No Lift!

Each shop was unique and everyone was very welcoming. It was really amazing to see our software being used and seeing all the back of the house work being done. Thank you to all three shops for all the interesting conversations and most of all, your valuable time!