(Video) From Good to Great: Better scheduling and countertop job management

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Business, Systemize

One of our long-time customers, Aaron Crowley, speaks about what prompted him to seek a solution for his countertop shop’s scheduling problems. Communication was often lost, customers had to wait for someone to find him to know the status of a job, and things were falling through the cracks. Since he’s been using our scheduling software, Aaron loves the fact that it allows his employees to know an answer immediately and frees up his time to focus on other parts of the business.

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Not in a place where you can listen to the audio? No problem! We’ve got the transcript for you below:

“I’m Aaron Crowley with Crowley’s Granite Concepts in Portland, Oregon. I founded the company about 21 years ago. And we’ve been using Moraware now for about 15 years.

So before we started using Moraware, we had this sort of calendar system. We used a whiteboard that we quadranted out, and then we use sticky notes for our installation calendar. The problem with that system though was that if anybody else took a call, you know, asking about the schedule, “Hey, when are my countertops gonna be installed?” you had to be standing in front of that whiteboard to answer the question.

Then there was a problem when the schedule changed. You know, one person might have five minutes ago looked in the calendar, told the customer something and then, someone comes over and moves the sticky note. Constant fluctuation, constant frustration, and it was just terribly inefficient. So that was the situation that we had before Moraware, and that’s why we were looking for a solution for our scheduling.

You know, a lot of fabricators, I think can relate to that call coming in, “Yeah, I’m just curious to know when my countertops are gonna be installed.” And the answer is, “Well, I don’t know. Let me go ask somebody.” It’s probably the most common response. But with Moraware, we don’t have that response. Anybody in our company has access to Moraware and can instantly open the calendar up, ask the customer’s name, find out when their job is scheduled to install, and give them the answer. There’s no asking around. There’s no calling them back. There’s no frustration for the client, no frustration for the employees. So that’s one of the main advantages to Moraware and one of the main reasons we bought this system to begin with.”

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