Moraware 2019 year in review

Dec 2, 2019 | Moraware Team

Once again, we’ve had an amazing year. It wouldn’t have been possible without you – our customers, team, partners, friends, and family. Thank you!

The team keeps growing

In 2019, Moraware grew again as a company. We want more capacity to help our existing customers, solve more problems for countertop fabricators, and improve the quality of life for everyone at Moraware. In order to accomplish that, we’ve grown the team!

Amanda, Amelia, and Katie joined the customer success team to help our customers get value from our scheduling, quoting, and inventory solutions. Evan joined the sales team to help understand our prospects’ needs and demonstrate how the software works. Calen joined the software development team. He’s already deployed some updates to make our software for fabricators even better.

Thank you to all of the new folks on our team… and everyone at Moraware who’s been so helpful in teaching them about our market, our products, and how we work as a company.

Interesting stats

Like most businesses, we track a few key performance indicators to monitor and guide the health of our company. I feel like I’ve got a future post about KPI’s and OKR’s swirling around in my head. But, every so often it’s fun to look back on the progress we made, at a high level.

More countertop shops keep signing up for CounterGo and Systemize, at a faster rate than in the past. This year, the states that seem to be growing the fastest are Florida, Texas, and California. I think at least part of that growth is related to the construction market in those states… which must be booming.

As more countertop shops sign up for our products, we’re having more of an impact on the overall market. Countertop fabricators created over a million quotes using CounterGo in 2019. Every day, thousands of quotes get emailed via CounterGo. That’s really exciting. And, well over a million new jobs were scheduled using Systemize.

Those numbers give me confidence that we’ve made our customers lives better. We’ve helped you avoid costly mistakes, increase your employees’ efficiency, reduced the drudgery of making drawings and quotes, and we’ve helped you close more business. When your office is running smoothly, you sell more jobs.

Plans for 2020

Although we haven’t posted all of the job descriptions quite yet, we’re planning on hiring more in the new year. Check out our Careers page for updates.

We’re also planning new exciting features being released in 2020. With more capacity on our team, we’re going to build more tools to help you be successful. (I’d tell you more details, but it’s still pretty hush-hush around here.)

And, we’re going to be better at communicating with you. Part of that is me, personally, getting out of the building to visit industry events and more countertop shops. And as a team, we’re going to keep improving the emails, phone conversations, live events, and help resources too!

Thanks again for the great 2019. We’re looking forward to an even better 2020. Happy New Year!