Harry Goes to TISE 2020

Feb 2, 2020 | Business

As I write this, I’m sitting on the plane headed home from Las Vegas. I’m tired, dehydrated, and my head is spinning. But, you know what? It’s well worth it because I had a great time at The International Surface Event, and here’s why: relationships.

Our Customers Are Awesome

I’ve been in the countertop fabrication industry since 2003, and in that time, we’ve grown to have thousands of companies that use our software. For the first few years of Moraware’s existence, I knew all of our customers personally. Those connections with our long-time customers are refreshed at events like this. I’ve had a blast catching up with old friends.

Plus, I get to meet some of our new customers, which is really fun too. I love getting a chance to chat, and hear how things are going. I really value getting feedback on how we’re helping our customers, what we can do better going forward, and what’s changing in the stone industry.

Moraware happy hour!

This year, we hosted an informal happy hour just outside of the show – thanks to everyone who came to join us for drinks & tacos! As one of the hosts, I could only have short conversations with everyone who came. But, all of the ones I was lucky enough to have were great. I even got to answer a support question…and muddled my way through giving a decent answer. Luckily, our onboarding and customer success team is waaaayyy better at that than I am!

Partners Help You Get More Out of Moraware

There’s more to countertop shops than just software. It’s really important for us to have close relationships with our partners – CNC manufacturers, digital templating providers, and the folks who provide complimentary software and services. It’s great to be affiliated with other companies that have shared values with us. Our goal is to help countertop shops run their businesses better – and our partners share that goal too.

With Joan Schatz from Park Industries

Events like this are a chance to have “pie in the sky” conversations about the direction of the industry and how we can help shape it as technology vendors.

Thanks especially to all of the companies who gave demos to the new folks on our team that came. Both Evan and Amelia learned a ton from seeing CNC’s, templating tools, and software in action!

Grateful for the Moraware Team

Speaking of team… it’s amazing to hang out with the other folks who work at Moraware. As we walked around the trade show, I learned so much from Evan and Amelia’s questions and observations. They’re pretty new to the industry, and it was really useful to hear their perspective. Katherine was great at organizing everything and sharing our experiences on social media. So, thank you for the great in-person time!

And of course, thanks to the rest of the Moraware team who kept everything running and improving while the four of us were in Vegas. Teamwork is something that’s on my mind: our company is growing, and a great team is critical to our success in the future, too.

About to ride the Big Shot!

Oh, and we had fun. Vegas has so much to offer that it’s tempting to stay awake 24 hours per day. We did a decent job not overdoing it. Well, except for that one buffet breakfast… I really didn’t need the 2nd plate of food. Definitely not the third. In the evening, we even got a chance to do a few thrill rides. 

All of those experiences with our team, partners, and customers add up to building great relationships. It was great to see everyone in person, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to do it.

Thanks again!

Want to hang out?

We’ll be at the Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo on 2/20/2020 in Phoenix, AZ. You can still register if you’re quick!

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