TISE 2020 Recap: First Time at an Industry Event

Feb 13, 2020 | Business

As a newcomer to the stone industry, attending TISE for the first time was…wow! I’m so glad that I was able to go with some other Moraware folks, meet some old customers and some new ones, too.

It’s really helpful to see the people we talk to for support in person, to spend time with some of my team, and to hear my coworker’s perspectives on these events as well – check out Harry’s recap!

The first-timers at the NSI Happy Hour

The evolution of the industry

One of my biggest takeaways from attending this event for the first time was seeing the scale of everything that goes into the countertop industry – from the huge machinery to the template measuring systems… and the No Lift Install System!

Visiting the SPEEDlabel booth at BACA

Its amazing to think about the progression of these tools to ultimately solve problems for fabricators. I also loved talking with people who have been in the industry for 30+ years. From hand cutting stone to now, using all the incredible machines from companies like Park Industries or BACA, and from hand drawing quotes to now using CounterGo

Face to face with our customers

One of my favorite things from attending this show was meeting our customers on the floor and at our happy hour. It is so nice to put names to faces and hear about how they use Moraware. And, mostly, how it has impacted their business for the better.

By chatting in person, I got to learn more about our customers than I can over the phone during an onboard session. For example, during the happy hour, I really enjoyed learning about how the customers I spoke to got into the countertop business.

Moraware Happy Hour at Border Grill

Utilizing the Moraware support team

While chatting with everyone, they quickly learned I was on the support team. I had a blast answering their questions and helping them find ways to get more out of their software!

But as I was talking to everyone, I was really surprised to learn that a lot of our customers have never reached out to support or checked out our help documentation. Support is always included with your software and our help articles are so abundant and informative…and free!

We love helping fabricators – whether it’s a specific question about drawing a trapezoid countertop or working on bettering your overall process from quote to install so don’t be shy! We’re available at support@moraware.com.