The 4 CounterGo Features That Get Oohs and Ahhs Every Time

The 4 CounterGo Features That Get Oohs and Ahhs Every Time

Hi – my name is Chase Diamond, and I’m an Account Executive here at Moraware. Every day, I’m striving to help folks like you determine if our tools are the right fit for your business goals. Part of that process is doing demos for CounterGo, a game-changing estimating software for countertop fabricators.

If you’ve ever had a demo with me, you’ve already witnessed the program’s ability to help you create fast and professional countertop quotes. It’s simply incredible to see the difference quoting software can make in a business. CounterGo gives fabrication businesses the tools to increase their active bids by 12x!

My absolute favorite part of doing CounterGo demos is hearing the reactions. Certain parts of the demos almost always get oohs and ahhs, so I thought I’d share them in case you’re currently looking into countertop quoting software.

CounterGo Feature #1: Drawing the Countertop

The first step of a CounterGo demo is drawing the countertop. You can do this on an iPad with your fingertip or on a computer with a mouse. 

When people see how fast and easy it is to draw that countertop, I always get oohs and ahhs. 

It’s so easy… no pens, papers, or calculators needed. As you draw, CounterGo has already calculated the square footage and has dropped that in. 

For folks that are used to doing this all by hand, it’s kind of mind-blowing to imagine how much time you can save by switching to CounterGo.

Don’t take it from me – here’s one of my favorite responses from a survey we did with over 200 countertop shop professionals:

“I am no longer a full-time estimator, and my employees appreciate seeing me take a more hands-on, and physically present role. This software has allowed me to focus more of my time and energy into the production side of things. The opportunity to be more involved in quality control has offered me tremendous peace of mind.”

Half of CounterGo’s magic is what you can do in the software, and the other half is what it frees you up to do in your business.

It’s so simple to edit, add, or remove elements from your quote. It’s really the ease of the process here that sticks with people. 

Once you have a price list set up, anyone can use this software. It’s a great way to leverage your years of experience so that new hires just have to learn how to draw. CounterGo will automatically be calculating the pricing without anyone’s input required.

It’s no wonder folks like Kristian Tharaldson, Operations Manager at Great Northern Granite in Minnesota, went from 5-10 active bids to over 120 per day.

CounterGo Feature #2: Adding Slab Images

We’re jumping through the demo a bit here to Step 5, which includes positioning pieces on a slab.

I’d venture to say that this step is the No. 1 thing people care about in CounterGo. They care about how many slabs they need to add seams, and this step makes it incredibly easy.

Just upload a photo of your slab and you can position it on the layout. The photo doesn’t have to be fancy – just snap a quick photo on your phone in the yard and upload it from there. You can also get photos from your supplier.

Once your photo is uploaded, the magic happens. You get to easily determine how many slabs you’ll need, and you can even line up the seams to visualize the end result. Customers love this feature because it gives them a chance to see what their countertop will look like when it’s installed.

If you’re trying to determine if a counter layout requires 2 or 3 slabs, CounterGo makes it easy. You can layout a countertop on actual slab sizes – even remnants. Add countertop seams, move the pieces, and rotate them to ensure they’ll fit.

While this isn’t as powerful as SlabSmith, it’s a popular sales and material tool for our CounterGo users to estimate with. It gives our customers a chance to determine the seams and the number of slabs needed without breaking the bank.

Further Reading: Images of slabs on countertop drawings

CounterGo Feature #3: Viewing the Quote

During the demo, we’ve done the drawing, added our curves and bumpouts; maybe we added a splash and a sink. Everything has been leading up to the final step, which is to view the quote.

And every time I get to this final step, it’s either silence (in a good way) or an audible reaction of amazement. It’s awesome.

All this time, CounterGo has been calculating everything. There’s no need for a calculator, no need for rulers or blueprints – CounterGo does it all for you. This saves so much time, it’s unreal.

All of the elements we added are now automatically calculated based on your price list. And just so you know, you can easily override pricing. You’re not stuck with the pricing you’ve set in your price list. 

Maybe you want to give a certain customer a deal, or you want to add a certain “tax” for an unruly customer – you can just click and edit the pricing. We’re kidding about the tax part, but you can definitely add new line items…

It’s also easy to do a revision – just click the “Edit” button and change any step along the way.

When everyone agrees on the quote, you can convert it to an order and track payments.

Just seeing all of the pricing details populate with no effort on your part is a game-changer for people. 

When you’ve been sitting in your office with a calculator doing all of this by hand, it’s unbelievable to imagine doing a quote from start to finish in just three minutes. It opens up so many opportunities that weren’t possible before. 

What will you do with all the extra time? What projects have you put on the backburner that you can now work on? Those are the fun questions we get to explore.

CounterGo Feature #4: Unlimited Support at No Charge

When we get to the end of the demo, I always explain how the pricing is set up. And what really shocks people is that we don’t charge for support or onboarding. As far as I know, that’s basically unheard of in our industry.

Once you sign up for CounterGo, there are three onboarding calls that help you get templates and your price list set up, and we coach you through everything.

And once you’re off to the races, you get unlimited support at no charge.

There are also no contracts.

It’s so easy to get started, and you don’t have to worry about a hefty signup fee or tons of “upgrades” down the road. That can be a frustrating part of implementing new software – you often realize you need features that cost extra to add. But you don’t have to worry about that with CounterGo. 

A lot of folks appreciate the transparent pricing, and you can always lean on our world-class support.


People tell me that we’ve reduced their headaches or that they’d be lost without our software now. They live in CounterGo and it has changed everything for their business.

That’s such a great thing to hear because it means we’re doing what we set out to do – help fabricators build better businesses. Some people do dozens of quotes per day, and they need a software solution like this to make it possible. You can’t, and you probably don’t want to, do that by hand.

I hope this gives you a better idea of CounterGo features people go crazy over. These are the ones I can always count on to get oohs and ahhs during a demo!

If you haven’t scheduled a CounterGo demo yet, click the link below to schedule time on the calendar!

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