Quick Quiz: is JobTracker a good fit for your business?

JobTracker Compatibility Quiz

Our goal is to match JobTracker with customers who will realize tremendous value from using it. If you’re not going to be incredibly happy with JobTracker, we prefer you know that before investing time on it.

This quiz will help determine if your business may have a “love connection” with JobTracker or if you’re looking for software in all the wrong places.

1) Which best describes your business?
Countertop fabrication or installation
Hundreds of countertop fabricators use JobTracker. You’re in good company. (+2)
Roofing contractor
We’ve helped other roofing companies, so that’s a good sign.(+2)
Concrete contractor
Small jobs? We can help! If you’re building the next Hoover Dam, we’re not for you.(+1)
Other construction subcontractor or trade partner
Lots of other subcontractors have fixed their scheduling & job management problems. Join the club.(+1)
Builder or general contractor
JobTracker doesn’t solve a problem for you. Tell your subcontractors about us…. (-2)
Keep answering questions to figure out if we can help you.(+0)

2) Do you work on several jobs simultaneously?
Yes, we’re always juggling multiple active jobs
JobTracker helps schedule and manage lots of jobs at once(+2)
No, we usually work on one or two jobs at a time
JobTracker doesn’t help manage a big, complex project. We’re all about lots of small jobs.(-2)

3) How many field crews do you have?

1 or less.
Your business might be too small for JobTracker right now, but if you’re growing fast, it’s worth a look.(+0)
2-20 crews
You have enough going on every day that scheduling and communication are a pain.(+2)
20+ crews
I’m sure it’s a pain, how did you get this big without Moraware?(+1)

4) How many people in the office?
1 or less.
With just one person, you might not be ready for software yet.(+0)
“Who has the folder?” We can make that question go away.(+2)
20+ office folks
You have problems, but JobTracker only solves a few of them.(+1)

5) Can everyone in your office answer customer’s questions immediately?
Yes, of course.
Your customer service sounds pretty good right now.(+0)
No way, we always need to call them back.
Your customers are suffering because you don’t have a system that is fast & up to date.(+2)
Let me get back to you
If you’re not sure, then we’re guessing that there’s room for improvement.(+1)

6) Time spent looking for folders every day?
Good for you. (+0)
Under an hour.
That’s probably frustrating, but not the end of the world.(+1)
More than an hour
That breaks my heart. So much time, wasted for no good reason.(+2)

7) How do you manage your jobs now?
Whiteboards, file folders, other paperwork.
You can really kick it up a notch with software. (+1)
Homegrown software – database, excel, outlook…
You know that writing & maintining custom software is expensive. (+1)
Other software
Is what you have now working for you? (+0)
Moraware JobTracker
Why are you filling out this survey? (-1)

8) Are you happy with how you’re scheduling now?
Yup, love it.
Well, if you’re happy, we might make you happier.(-2)
Nope, hate it.
It might be time for a change.(+2)
I don’t like to talk about my emotions.
If you’re not sure, you might not have enough reason to change what you’re doing. (+0)

Your Score: 0

Score 13-15 = Drop everything & call us now!

Score 10-12 = Love connection!

Score 8-10 = Maybe it’s worth a phone call to see if we belong together.

Score 7 or less = Maybe your good-looking friend wants to try the quiz?