Moraware JobTracker v3.2 released

Jun 11, 2010 | News

We’ve released JobTracker version 3.2… the official date of the release is 6/9/2010. We’re rolling out the update on our servers over the next few weeks.

What’s new in 3.2?

Inactivating Products and Attribute Values:Over time, you probably have had discontinued products, colors, sink models, etc. Now there’s a way to make them inactive, so all of your quote and purchase order history remains in tact, but you don’t need to see obsolete products anymore.

Converting Data Types: It’s possible to switch between Lists of Values and Text, which means that if  you created a custom field or a form field as text, you can change it to a drop-down list when that’s a more appropriate way of entering data.

Importing Data: We’ve been able to help import Accounts, Account Contacts, Jobs, Job Activities from spreadsheets for a while, but in v3.2 we can now help you import Inventory.

…and more: This release also includes updates to the API, and some small but helpful changes to the user interface.