5 tips for making JobTracker faster every day

Aug 24, 2010 | JobTracker Tips

Saving a click or two on things you do frequently really adds up to serious time savings. At Moraware, we’re all about saving the time you spend scheduling and looking for job information, so here are a few quick tips that can help.

  1. Double-click: If you click on any underlined word or a box on the calendar, you’ll get a menu of all of the things you can do. The default action is in bold. Double click, and you’ll do the default.
  2. Search: Searching for jobs, accounts, contacts, quotes… is the fastest, easiest way to find something. When a customer calls you on the phone with their name, address, or phone number, click Search… and start typing. If you need to refine your search, just click Search Again…
  3. Multiple Windows: If you’re not already using multiple tabs or windows, this is huge time-saver. One good way to take advantage of multiple windows is dedicating one to the overview and another to details of a job. Once you start using multiple windows, you might want to consider having multiple monitors, too.
  4. Lots of Checkboxes: If you’re editing products or price groups, you might find yourself clicking lots of checkboxes. A quick way to do this faster is by checking the first box, then hold the Shift key and choose the last checkbox you want to select. All of the boxes in-between will be selected, too.
  5. Go to page number: If you’ve got a view with lots of pages, click on where it says Page 1 of 18, and enter the page number.

If you weren’t already doing these, give them a shot. If you do something else with our software that’s awesome, let us know.