Sinks and slab layout

Mar 15, 2012 | CounterGo

Here’s a quick summary of the new updates to CounterGo this week.

You can now layout your countertops on slabs, even when the material is priced by square foot. In this case the number and size of slabs used doesn’t affect the price. But many people have told us it’s still useful to be able to know how many slabs are needed. To show the layout for a sq ft priced material, click the “Show Layout” link below the product & edge selection.

Previously you could add a sink cutout on the drawing, but to add a specific sink model you had to use an “other item”. Now you can define the sink models you sell on your price list. To do this, edit the price list and click “Add Sink Model” in the Sink Models section. The sink is comprised of a name and price of the sink, plus the size and shape of the cutout. To add the sink to a quote, go to step 3 of the drawing, click on a counter, select “Add Sink Model”, and choose the name of the sink. This will display the cutout on the drawing, and add two line items to the quote: one for the sink and a one for the cutout.

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