Four time-saving tips in JobTracker

Apr 11, 2013 | JobTracker Tips

Whether you’re new to Moraware JobTracker, or if you’ve been using it a while, there are always faster, easier ways to navigate through the software. Here are four tips.

  • Using Search. This is probably the most powerful thing about having all of your job information in one place – finding it instantly based on a name, phone number, address….
  • Double-click. Whenever you click on something that’s underlined, you’ll notice that the top choice is bold. If you double-click, you’ll take that action.
  • Back button. You can use the back (and forward) buttons in the browser to jump between pages you’ve already looked at
  • Multiple tabs. Having multiple tabs or windows open at once lets you see job information on one screen, and the whole calendar on another

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