Kicking it up a notch: creating users

Sep 18, 2013 | JobTracker Tips

This is part 7 of our series on answering the question “Am I using JobTracker to the fullest?” Check out part six about replacing your old system before you read more.

When you first get started, you’ll probably have one user who’s the administrator. But, having a user for each person is incredibly valuable. Why?

Personalizing views.

When each person logs in as their own user, they can create their own personal views. Views are a way to let you see exactly what you need to do your job every day – either from the calendar or from the jobs page.

You can learn more about views here, including some examples of common views that we’ve been asked about.


You can limit what users are able to do by using roles. For example, you might want your salespeople to be able to enter notes about the job, but not change the schedule. There are some built-in roles, but it’s also possible to customize and add more roles, too. Here’s how.

Change log.

You can track a person’s changes to the jobs and schedule by looking at the change log. Instead of discussing who changed what, when… you’ve got the complete history of every change to the job, including which user made the change, what they changed, and when they changed it.

Here’s how to set up users:

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