Kicking it up a notch: replace your old system

by | Sep 4, 2013 | JobTracker Tips

This is part 6 of our series on answering the question “Am I using JobTracker to the fullest?” Check out part five about creating views before you read more.

file foldersYou’re not going to get any extra efficiency by just adding our software to your existing whiteboards, spreadsheets, and file folders. To actually improve your business, you need to replace what you had before.

How do you get rid of the folders and spreadsheets you had before? The key is to enter new jobs into JobTracker when they come in, so that’s the spot that everyone goes to find out what’s happening on a job.

Most people use forms to replace the paperwork they have today, calendar views to replace a whiteboard, and job views to replace spreadsheets.

If you want to make sure you replace your old system – no matter what it was – it’s really good to set a deadline. The less time you have overlapping Moraware JobTracker with other calendars or spreadsheets, the better.

Typically we recommend having one week of overlap. Over the course of that first week, enter new jobs as they come in. By the end of that first week, you can enter any remaining jobs as a big batch.

Then, everyone in your office can start to customize views of the jobs and calendar. But, without all of the jobs, it’s tough to visualize.

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