Moraware Newsletter – October 2013

Oct 14, 2013 | Newsletter

CounterGo update: hiding line itmes. JobTracker update: scheduling any time of day. Plus fabricator profiles, help videos, and more


Granite Works of Waverly, NY is using diversification to fuel their growth.

In 2003, they started by focusing on countertops. Then, shortly before the recession, they were gearing up for monuments. Here’s their story.

Brekhus Tile & Stone in Denver, CO runs its tile division separately from the slab division, but they share communication and knowledge.

One thing they do to stand out in a crowded market is focus on communication, especially on their commercial jobs.. More details, here.


The latest CounterGo update lets you hide most quote line items. Here’s how.

It’s also now possible to add text to your countertop drawings. We’ve also added many more updates over the last few weeks.

CounterGo lets you draw, layout, and quote countertops in 3 minutes. Find out more by calling us at 866-312-9273.


The latest JobTracker update lets you adjust your Scheduling Hours to any time of the day.

We’ve also been working on a series of posts about getting the most out of JobTracker. Check out the tips and tricks.

JobTracker is scheduling software that replaces your whiteboard, file folders, and spreadsheets. To find out more, call us any time. 866-312-9273


RemnantSwap is a free place to buy and sell countertop remnants. Take a minute and see what materials are near you. Search for any color or material and we’ll show you what’s closest to you.
Here’s more info, including a 2-minute video.


It’s always great to learn new things about running your business. That’s why we help sponsor the Marble Institute education. Check out the next few:

* Stone Industry Education – October 17, Atlanta, GA
* Stone Industry Education – November 7, Deerfield, FL


You can reach us at or call toll-free 866-312-9273.