Adding miscellaneous items to CounterGo

Adding miscellaneous items to CounterGo

We just updated CounterGo, so it’s possible to add miscellaneous items. These are great when there’s a line item you want to add to a quote, but don’t expect it to come up again. For most of the products and services you offer, it’s usually better to create Other Items ahead of time.

Here’s how to set up and use miscellaneous items. If you’d like to use miscellaneous items, first go to the price list and enable them. Under the Price List menu, choose View Price Lists. Double-click on the price list you’d like to edit.

Scroll down to the Other Items section, and you’ll notice that by default, miscellaneous items are disabled. Click on Edit Miscellaneous Options, and check the box to enable them.
enable miscellaneous items

Now, you can add miscellaneous items to a quote. On a quote, go to Step 6 – Price Details. Click on Add Other Items, and at the bottom of the list, you’ll see Add Miscellaneous Item. You can type in the description, quantity and price.

Add miscellaneous item

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3 thoughts on “Adding miscellaneous items to CounterGo

  1. Curt SAuer

    I noticed in CounterGo bidding, the sqft is figured exactly what the tops is. How do you take into account the extra material it takes to make for angles and radius pieces? It might take more material that is cut into a blank to make the piece and could add 1-4 sqft more to the project but this does not show it in your formula to figure the sqft. Also, how do you figure waste into this formula if needed?

    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      Hi Curt – In CounterGo, there are 2 basic ways of calculating the material price. Either by sq. ft. of the finished countertop like you mentioned, or by the slab.

      In cases where you’re pricing by the slab, you lay out the pieces over the slab to figure out utilization, and then the price is based on the amount of material you’re using, not just the finished countertop dimensions. Here’s a little more info on pricing by the slab:

      But, I think you identified a couple of other concepts that aren’t in CounterGo yet. I’ve updated our wish-list, and we’ll keep working on it!

  2. Andy K

    Bravo to adding misc. items on the fly! My sales team is ecstatic with being able to add additional items not on the price list, especially being able to type an accurate description. Thanks!

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