The newest addition to the Moraware team

Sep 3, 2014 | News

Hi! My name is Jason Pliml, and I’m one of the newest additions at Moraware. One of my roles is helping customers with software and billing questions, so if you contact Moraware support, I may be the friendly person on the other end.

Jason Pliml 

Like pretty much everyone who works at Moraware, I’ve followed a non-linear career path. Formally educated in computer science and math, I spent the first decade of my career as a software engineer and technology consultant.

Eventually I heard the siren song of entrepreneurship and willingly surrendered. I started and ran a few different ventures including a software consulting group, a subscription service for fantasy sports, and a business consulting practice. My experiences building businesses made me forever ill-suited for corporate life – so only a special company like Moraware could be the right fit for me.

Ted and Harry, the founders of Moraware, have assembled a team of talented professionals and empowered us to make use of our individual skills in service of Moraware’s customers. Talking to Harry and Ted, I kept thinking “These guys are really serious about building an amazing business – I totally want to be a part of this.”

I share their passion for business. Not only our own business, but also the businesses we serve in the countertop fabrication industry. My motivation for customer support goes beyond the technology. If Moraware’s products can make your business more efficient, more profitable, and more enjoyable to run, then I’ve really accomplished something of value. If using Moraware products ultimately have a positive impact on your customers and their experience working with you, then I’ve done meaningful work.

I live and work in Grand Rapids, Michigan (aka Beer City USA). When I’m not spending time hiking or enjoying the beach with my lovely wife, I am probably reading non-fiction, playing volleyball, going to the Parade of Homes, or disc-golfing with our boys (the girls are all grown).

I’m a big fan of Twitter and LinkedIn, so feel free to connect me and introduce yourself. I also have a real appreciation for craftsmanship and would enjoy seeing pictures of your finest installs via our Facebook page.

If you have any questions or issues, email support or call 866-312-9273 x2. I look forward to meeting you online and by phone!