Some interesting customer-created tools

Nov 11, 2015 | Uncategorized

Recently, Danielle Sherman from International Stone Gallery helped her company implement JobTracker Inventory Edition. Danielle is a problem solver who’s pretty clever with computers, so in the process of implementing our software for her company, she created some utilities to make her particular situation easier. She was kind enough show to us a couple of her custom tools in the following video.

The first example Danielle shows is a label printing solution. In JobTracker, she created an inventory detail view and exported it to Excel. Then she used Word mail merge (along with some free barcode software) to print serial number labels in a more flexible way than she could with JobTracker alone. This is particularly useful if you have a bunch of existing serial numbers that you want to label (since JobTracker only lets you print a group of labels from a PO).

The second example Danielle shows is a fancy spreadsheet that she used to enter her existing inventory (hundreds of slabs) for importing into Moraware. Moving forward, she uses a similar spreadsheet to analyze her inventory data exported from Moraware.

JobTracker Inventory Edition is very good at helping you order/receive material and answer the question “which slabs go with which jobs” … but there are plenty of questions it doesn’t answer (like “what’s the dollar value of the slabs on hand”) … Danielle shows how you can use Microsoft Office and some creativity to get more from your inventory data.

If you’d like to contact Danielle to discuss her approach or hire her to implement a similar approach for your company, you can find her contact information on our partner page.

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