Moraware’s 2016 year in review

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Business, News

Another amazing year has gone by! As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to tell you a little about what we did in the past 12 months.


We added a couple more folks to the Moraware team. If you’ve called or emailed us, you may have had a conversation with Eric. He’s the latest addition on the sales and support side of our business. Loren is hidden away in our development caves, but he’s been making a huge contribution both in writing code and helping manage our infrastructure.

What’s been instrumental in hiring great people are our company values. Everyone at Moraware fits that mold, and both Eric and Loren are great additions to an already strong team.

What we’ve been working on

Although many folks wonder “what’s new?“, there’s an enormous amount of work just keeping things running smoothly at Moraware. I believe we’ve succeeded in improving the things that folks only notice when they’re broken:

Helping new customers get running, keeping our software bug-free, making sure our infrastructure is humming, advising on the best ways to use our software, and enabling our partners to add more value on top of our platform.

Although there’s not one big dramatic new feature, between our development updates and better support and documentation, I think we’re poised to help more folks in the countertop fabrication industry succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Some stats

Thank you to all of our customers, both old and new! We’re always trying to improve our customers’ businesses, so here are a couple of indicators that our software is helping.

One of the features of CounterGo is emailing countertop quotes directly to homeowners, dealers, and builders. In 2016, our users emailed over 400,000 quotes. That’s around a billion dollars worth of quotes, which is pretty darn cool. And, that only represents a portion of the drawings and quotes that are being made in CounterGo.

Last year, I was excited that over a million JobTracker jobs were created in 2015. That’s true again, and there are a couple hundred thousand more jobs than last year.

I’m also really stoked that our customer base keeps growing. moraware-customers-2016This year was our fastest growth so far, and 7 of our top ten months ever, in terms of new customers, were in 2016.

Plans for 2017

We’re really excited for our live, in-person JobTracker training in February of 2017. It sold out within weeks of our first announcement, and the whole team is working on making sure that it’ll be successful for everyone who’s attending.

Even for most of our customers – who won’t be there in person – focusing on this advanced training is forcing us to think about how we help folks in new ways. That’s going to lead to benefits for everyone for a long time.

On the development side of things, we’ve been working on a big project that I hope we’ll unveil in 2017. In general, we don’t talk about new features until they’re done (or very, very close to done), but it’s feeling like it’s starting to come together.

Thank you again to our customers, the Moraware team, our partners… I hope you have a fun, successful, and exciting 2017!

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