Measuring More Than You Can Imagine

Aug 2, 2017 | Business, Customer Profile

When I talk with our medium-to-large Moraware customers, business efficiency is a topic I frequently discuss. More specifically, I’ll delve into reporting accuracy, capturing metrics consistently, and using those metrics to drive additional efficiencies.

While JobTracker and our reporting features give you a solid look at job performance, we only address part of the overall picture of your business. For the bigger picture, enter BP Metrics. I first learned of BP Metrics when one of our customers had questions about using the JobTracker API to access data via BP Metrics’ data collection interface.

I scheduled a getting-to-know-them call with BP Metrics and talked with Hans Dekker, their CEO. It was an enjoyable, far-ranging call about business, technology, and innovative things they’ve done. He shared some of their experiences working with JobTracker customers & Park Industries customers. He also shared a specific case study from one of their granite shop clients illustrating the breadth of their services.
BP Metrics logo

Hans told me about a professionally run granite shop in Florida who contracted BP Metrics to deliver key shop performance, production data and metrics. The CEO of this operation envisioned an innovative payroll system, in which staff would be compensated based on actual Production Volume & Performance. This unique approach delivered a self-regulating shop dynamic, in which all parties win together. It naturally drove performance, innovation, and efficiencies, increasing staff ownership and satisfaction, and improving the overall shop and staff utilization. The approach demanded detailed metrics and management input, which BP Metrics provided.

So how does BP Metrics work? That was a primary question I asked, so I’ll share Hans’ answer:
BP Metrics has a core data collection and reporting infrastructure. They tightly integrate their code software platform with each fabrication shop’s unique technologies and business processes. Their services address everything from staff activity, machine activity, and staff movements, to integrations with various shop software applications, clocking in/out (face recognition-based), payroll preparation, quote benchmarking, financial period reporting, and more than I can remember with my merely mortal mind.

In short, they’ll start by focusing on: What’s your need? Where’s your pain? How is your bottom-line? BP Metrics immerses into your unique business model and delivers exactly the metrics that allow you to step ahead of your competition.

To learn more or to contact BP Metrics, visit the Moraware Partners page or go directly to

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