Another New Team Member!

Feb 26, 2018 | Moraware Team

Oh hi there, pleased to introduce…myself! I’m Katherine, the new Marketing Coordinator for Moraware and really, very thrilled to be a part of this exceptional team. Each person here at Moraware brings their own unique ideas and talents and I’m looking forward to spreading the good software word to more companies as well as finding more ways to express our appreciation for our awesome users.

How did I get here? Excellent question! Like my fellow coworkers, I have a rich history of taking the curvy and oftentimes, more fun, backroad to this point of my career. Born and raised in the sunshine of Southern California, I’ve spent time living in Bavaria, Brooklyn, San Diego, and now – Portland! From getting a degree in Sociology, waitressing around the world, to marketing in various industries – I’ve long had a passion for understanding people and making life easier and more pleasant for others. Thus, why I’m so excited to be here at Moraware!

When I’m not speaking that goofy, new-age marketing lingo, I can be found outside catching sunrises and sunsets, hiking near waterfalls with my dog, flying somewhere new (latest trip pictured below), or spontaneously road tripping in my beloved Prius to National Parks. Okay yes, the Prius looks like an egg, but you just can’t beat the MPG. C’mon! Equally as adventurous but slightly different, I’m also likely to be found ordering delivery Thai food or reading for hours under a really big blanket. This balance I work hard for in my life has brought me to a company like Moraware, where I get to contribute to helping our customers solve their business problems whether it’s increasing efficiency, boosting their business, or making more time for life. Looking forward to getting to know you so please feel free to reach out anytime for a quick hello!