Why Moraware is the best place to work: Part 1

Aug 7, 2018 | Moraware Team

At the beginning of 2018, we added three more folks to the Moraware team. And, we’re planning to grow the company more this year.

“Moraware is the kind of company I always knew I wanted to work for but everyone told me didn’t exist.

Luckily, now I’m here – looking forward to sitting at my computer every morning. I’m able to learn, help people discover how Moraware can help them, and I work with amazing people who encourage having a healthy, full life outside of work. Hooray!”

Katherine, Marketing

As one of the owners of Moraware, this is incredibly emotionally satisfying. When Ted and I started the company in 2003, we never imagined the level of growth and success that’s come to pass. I’m also humbled by the responsibility to our customers and our team.

It feels like it’s worth a series of blogs posts to reflect on what we do well and the kind of people that are thriving here. One of those things is matching jobs at Moraware with each person’s “sweet spot”.

The sweet spot of work

One way we make sure each person is doing the right job is that we strive to have them at the intersection of what they love, what they’re good at, and what’s valuable to the company.

You’re good at it

If you’re doing a job you’re not good at, you’re probably going to get sub-standard results. For example, if you asked me to do any kind of artistic work, I’ve got lots of opinions and I think my taste is pretty good… but my skills are poor in this area.

In cases like that, we’ve decided to outsource projects. For any of the tasks that are really valuable to Moraware and we don’t have in-house skills, we can hire the best consultants and contractors. For things that we need long-term, we’re looking to beef up our internal skills. Sometimes that means we’ll do a job we’re not good at with the specific goal of learning how to do it.

Value to the company

Anything that’s not valuable to Moraware is a hobby. Sometimes we make the intentional choice to do something that might not have well-defined value, but it’s pretty rare. When we’re doing experiments with a new process or system part of how we get value is deciding ahead of time how to determine success or failure. And sometimes learning what not to do is really valuable to the company.

Our lives and our business is constrained by time, so we need to be really specific about doing things that are valuable. If you’re doing work that’s really valuable, there’s reward – both intrinsic because you’re doing something important, and extrinsic because as a company we share our success across the whole team.

You love it

And, if you’re not doing a job you love, it’s going to weigh on you in lots of dimensions. Most likely, the work will feel like a grind. That means that you’re ultimately not as productive, effective, or happy as you could be. And, because we only grow slowly, the job you’re doing today is probably very similar to the one you’ll be doing in a year or two. That’s a long time to be less than fulfilled by the work.

Love is a strong word, but I think it’s appropriate. We spend most of our waking hours engaged in work activity. Why would you spend that time doing something you don’t love?

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