2019 TISE Recap: The Value found at TISE

Jan 31, 2019 | Business

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend TISE for the first time. It was impossible not to be impressed with the size of the convention, but what really struck me was the creativity and dedication of the exhibitors. From small booths with creative displays to the looming robot arms, the amount of work put into this expo by each vendor was a blast to explore.

Finding value in all industry events has been easy for me so far, and this case was no different. If you haven’t made the previous expos or are debating next year, I believe there is value for everyone in making the effort to attend at least a few industry events.

The importance of presence

Your family wants it, your team wants it, your industry wants it – quality time goes a long way with all people. Spending time face-to-face with our customers, partners, and friends in the industry is a huge part of maintaining these relationships. Shaking a hand, sharing a laugh, talking with fabricators about their business problems…being present to do all these things is more personable and oftentimes more valuable than a phone call.

I’ve found that it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day role I fill, but by being at TISE I realized how important it is to be more present in the industry. Being on the floor among industry peers of all different sizes and services puts it all into perspective. We’re here to learn, educate, and grow together. Connecting at an expo like TISE is one of the many ways where this is possible.

Growing your network

In a similar thought, I realized that if you choose not to have a presence at TISE or industry events, you just might lose your place at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And that just makes me sad! If we were to never attend any industry events, we might also lose the opportunities to meet new people and foster our existing connections.

One of the ways Eric, Chase, and I worked to keep our relationships alive at the expo was to meet up with existing customers as well as new customers. By having discussions with our customers, we hear their feedback and offer solutions ranging from scheduling a call with our awesome support and implementation team to suggesting a consultant that we think could take your software to the next level. A happy fabricator is a measure of success for us.

Another way was by spending time with some of our amazing partners. Each time I meet or get to know a partner better, I learn a little bit more about why it’s so incredible to have software that can be built on to provide even more functionality. Or how Moraware consultants can help our customers set up their system as successfully as possible. Plus, they’re all a lot of fun!

And last but not least, I had a blast going to the different booths. It was such a great feeling to say “hi” in person to people I’ve been emailing for a year or people I’ve met once or twice before. By visiting the different booths at TISE, I was able to further those relationships and make new ones to catch up with at the next event. As a marketer for Moraware, getting to know the people in our industry and maintaining those relationships is a measure of success for me.

Quality time with the team

Personally, one of the aspects I find highly valuable in these events is the time I spend with my coworkers. And I don’t just mean because we’re a remote team. Even if we worked in the same place, I found a different value in attending TISE with my teammates.

What I find value in is that we’re experiencing something together. No matter what role we are in or how many years we have been in the industry, we’re still learning about our industry and getting to know each other in a different setting than the everyday office/shop/skype.

Each time I see Chase and Eric in person, I learn a little more about them and we work together better than before. Brainstorming in the lobby leads to more productivity than calls typically do. Meeting with customers allowed me to see their sales conversations firsthand. And perhaps most importantly, spending more time with them allows me to get to know their personalities better. In turn, these all help me be a more considerate and productive coworker. I’m not sure how to put a price on that, but I think comradery is a huge win for any workplace.

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