New Feature: Autosave in CounterGo

Jan 3, 2019 | CounterGo, CounterGo Tips

If you’re new to Moraware, you might not know that we make updates to the software almost every day. Even though we’re making things better, it’s not usually worth a blog post, but today we released a new feature we wanted to share with you!

In CounterGo, there’s now an auto-save feature. That means that if you’re in the middle of editing a countertop quote and get distracted, you won’t lose your work… even if you don’t hit the Save button.

Now, you can recover your changes the next time you open that quote.

We’ll keep you posted as we do new features that are really cool. Oh, and if you’re not already using CounterGo and you want a way to draw, lay-out, and quote countertops super fast, just enter your email below to schedule a free demo: [activecampaign]