No Lift Install System has your back

Jun 25, 2019 | Business


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to tag along on a Precision Countertops install here in Oregon. Working for a software company (and remotely), I’m always eager to be in the field with our customers seeing what they do for their customers. This one was especially fun because it was a little group of industry folks there – Moraware, SpeedLabel, and No Lift Install System all in one place. 

Where did No Lift Install System come from?

I hadn’t heard of the No Lift Install System yet even though it was created by one of our long-term customers, Aaron Crowley of Crowley’s Granite. If you haven’t heard him as a guest on StoneTalk, you can listen to him on the very first episode. Aaron is all about making life better for fabricators whether it’s sharing best practices in the shop or creating useful tools for installers. 

The folks behind the No Lift System realized there was a big problem in the countertop industry. High turnover rates are costly for fabricators and installers are getting injured and burnt out. 

So, they came up with a solution – the No Lift Install System

But what does the No Lift System do?

If you’d like to see the mechanics of the No Lift System, they have a great website with lots of great videos to check out. It was really neat to see in person, even though I didn’t end up getting a lift on it back to my car like I asked…maybe next time.

But because we’re always focused on solutions for countertop fabricators, I was really interested in understanding why a fabricator would need a tool like this. And from what I gathered by interrogating both the Precision team and the No Lift System team, the No Lift System is a two-part solution. There are benefits for the owner and just as many benefits or the installer. 

For the owner, the system prevents risk and reduces employee turnover. The cart eliminates the risk of dropping or damaging the countertop, which in turn eliminates those pesky and costly reworks. At the same time, you can keep your favorite installers because they won’t be getting hurt and even send less of your staff to each job site – more resources for more jobs, hooray!

For the installer, the benefits are obvious. No inevitable back surgeries. As an installer, you get to make the customer happy because you are the last part of their new countertop journey. Now you get to the good part even faster with the help of a mechanical cart. Not to mention, working for a business that cares about your health and safety is always appreciated.

Thanks for letting me join in on the fun Precision Countertops & No Lift System!

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