Meet Evan!

Jul 10, 2019 | Moraware Team

Hi! I’m Evan Mayer, and as of June 2019 I’m one of the newest recruits to the outstanding Moraware team. As Account Executives, both Chase and I aim to help you determine if our tools are the right fit for your business goals. We are proud of the software our team creates, and are driven to help our customers improve and grow their countertop businesses each day. To find out if your goals align, let’s have a conversation!

Born and raised in a small Alaskan fishing town (Kenai), I’ve spent time living in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and now live in Long Beach, California. 

My background includes both restaurant and food truck ownership, commercial fishing, nearly every type of construction, and most relevant for our great customers at Moraware — seven years of software sales and support experience. I’ve learned firsthand how having the right tools can greatly improve a company’s profits and operational efficiency, and take pride in helping others discover new ways to improve their businesses.

In my free time I enjoy road trips and camping, snowboarding, hiking (and climbing trees), and my current challenge is to become less-terrible at surfing. At Moraware, I truly enjoy the company of our team, and look forward to meeting you and your team!