Enhance Your Countertop Software Experience with Moraware Integrations

Sep 29, 2020 | Business

We think CounterGo, our estimating software, and Systemize, our scheduling software, are pretty amazing. Sometimes though, you need more. More time. More money. More coffee.

But seriously, you might need more features and options than our software currently provides. And that’s where integrations come in.

Maybe you need help assessing the health of your business or you need Slabsmith to connect to Systemize. Integrations can enhance your software experience and connect all the important tools you use. You may not need any of these integrations just yet, but when the time comes it can simplify your setup and increase functionality.

Without further ado, here are 4 integrations you may not know about that can really enhance your Moraware experience. These are in no particular order – they’re all awesome!

1. Connect Your Field & Office With Job Well Done.

Job Well Done. integrates with Moraware to connect the field to your office staff through real-time notifications. JWD was built with Moraware in mind, which means a seamless and upgraded experience to your current workflows.

All of the information the office staff adds to Moraware is transferred to Job Well Done, and the installers are notified in real-time.

The Job Well Done app allows you to add job updates, view important customer information, take before and after photos, and get a digital approval signature from the customer.

Another well-loved feature of Job Well Done is the ability to digitize forms. The installers no longer have to fill out forms by hand on the job, then scan them into Moraware back at the office. Job Well Done digitizes everything so that forms can be filled out on-the-go via tablet, computer, or even your smartphone. Those forms are automatically sent to Systemize.

Job Well Done solves communication pain points by connecting all of your staff through their mobile app.

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2. Get More Out of Systemize With DataBridge Integrations

DataBridge Integrations, Inc. develops software that integrates with Systemize to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity.

DataBridge helps you:

  • Track inventory (MIRS)
  • Send automated emails to customers at the right time (JMAIL)
  • Connect Systemize with Slabsmith and/or QuickBooks
  • Automatically download your Home Depot purchase orders to Systemize

The Moraware Inventory Reconciliation System (MIRS) uses barcodes to track your inventory faster and make reconciliation an easy task. This integration saves time, effort, and manpower.

JobTracker/Systemize Mail Automation (JMAIL) automatically generates emails to customers. DataBridge Integrations works with your shop to design your emails, documents, and workflow so your communications are always right on target.

The Systemize Slabsmith Integration Platform (JSIP) shares data between Systemize and Slabsmith, so you don’t have to enter the same data twice. 

TheSystemize QuickBooks Integration connects QuickBooks with Systemize to stop you from entering the same data twice.

Finally, with JT/IconX, your Home Depot purchase orders – including installation dates and special notes – are downloaded direc tly to Systemize.

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3. Reduce Remakes with Fifth Gear Technology’s SPEEDlabel

Geoffrey Gran and his business partner Bill Heuer started The Countertop Factory Midwest in 2005. As the years went on, Gran and Heuer would search for ways to solve small problems and make their shop run more smoothly. It wasn’t long before they came up with a labeling process idea. In the summer of 2016, SPEEDlabel was born.

SPEEDlabel integrates directly with Moraware. This helps fabricators organize jobs, improve quality control, save on tedious labor costs, and most importantly, reduce remakes! 

If you’re a Systemize user, you can type in the unique Moraware job ID number, and it automatically pulls in the job data. You can use that data to add up to 10 fields to your label.

SPEEDlabel organizes jobs by:

  • Using SPEEDsnip to create individual parts from your CAD drawing
  • Automatically naming and uploading the job parts to Moraware (i.e: Piece 1 of 7 or Piece 2 of 7)
  • Eliminating data entry as your Moraware job information is automatically pulled into SPEEDlabel
  • Allowing you to understand the status of every part in your shop

The label also features a quality control signature box, adding accountability for every piece in your shop. SPEEDlabel allows your fabricators to focus on one part at a time. Plus, it provides dimensions and job details for everything so no parts get left behind.

An awesome side effect of using SPEEDlabel to organize your shop is you don’t need any paperwork! There’s no need to print the Systemize form, the CAD drawing, or the shop ticket.

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4. Fabricator’s Choice

Fabricator’s Choice was one of the early adopters of the Moraware API functionality. They got a lot of value from Moraware in their own business, but they needed to expand on the reporting tools. They started extracting data to Zoho Reports to paint a broader picture of what was happening in their shop.

Today, Fabricator’s Choice has four add-on modules for Moraware users, including:

  1. iTake Inventory
  2. Inventory Reconciliation
  3. Moraware Report Module
  4. Slabsmith Integration

iTake Reporting allows you to scan inventory barcodes using an Apple remote and a Bluetooth scanner. If you use Moraware, you can download the inventory location list from your database to define inventory locations.

Inventory Reconciliation allows you to upload and compare Moraware serialized inventory. Import the inventory from Moraware, upload the field scan data, compare the results between Moraware and the field scan, update Moraware, and export the data.

The Moraware Report Module offers highly customized, detailed reporting to give you a broader look at your operation. The reporting is automated from the Moraware database via custom dashboards or emailed reports. 

Example reports include:

  • Revenue
  • Cost of Goods
  • Cost of Goods Percent of Sales
  • Inventory End of Month
  • Daily Inventory Counts
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Daily Production Counts and Statistics
  • Redo/Remake Evaluations
  • Material Detail List by Color and Price Groups

Finally, the Slabsmith Integration allows you to upload Moraware serialized inventory to the Slabsmith database and associate that serial number with the Slabsmith photo ID.

Fabricator’s Choice offers a suite of other solutions for fabricators, from profit consulting to their templating system. You can read more about their various solutions at https://www.fabchoice.com.

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For fabricators looking to enhance their software experience and improve their efficiency, an integration can make a world of difference. Moraware integrations can cut down on double entry, connect your various departments, and save you lots of time. Which in turn, saves you money!

If you’re looking to step up your software game, get in touch with us or one of these vendors to learn more. We’ve had no part in the creation of these products, but each of them has had successful engagements with our customers, so we wanted to pass on the information. 

Do you currently use any of these integrations?

Comment below and let us know how you are using them to get better results!

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