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by | Mar 5, 2013 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance:

Southern stone surfaces kitchenSouthern Stone Surfaces of Nashville, TN has been in business for seven years, and specializes in natural stone and quartz surfacing countertops. The core of the business is servicing builders and cabinet companies. The company also deals with homeowners at the retail level.

Last year was Southern Stone Surfaces’ best year ever, largely due to a very healthy new home construction market in Nashville. Retail sales are normally brisk going into the holiday season leading up to Christmas. This year, the company’s regular clients kept busy right through the holidays. The company is looking forward to more growth during 2013.

The Old System:

Southern Stone used a combination of excel spreadsheets and hand-drawn layouts for generating a quotation. The spreadsheet worked for calculating square footage, but it was hard to find critical information since it was stored in different places, which meant valuable time was spent getting back to customers.

“The spreadsheet lacked integration with the rest of our processes,” Grimm explains. “We needed a better way to generate a quote.”

The Solution:

With CounterGo, Southern Stone is able to concentrate on customer relations because all the important information associated with that customer – and their project – is stored together in the same place and is easily accessible.

Southern Stone Surfaces KitchenCounterGo is good at capturing all the customer data that is outside normal parameters,” Grimm says. “We try to get all of the details of the job early on, so it’s easier to plan production and not overload the shop. If for some reason we run into a problem in the field and cannot complete a job, for example, you can follow up in CounterGo. Once we make a note in the system it automatically shows up in the calendar. That is very useful.”

“Little details can be the easiest things to overlook, and it always seems the little things are what stick out in the customer’s mind,” Grimm says. CounterGo helps the staff stay on top of those all important little details. “If we need to make a callback, we can review the notes and tasks for the next day. That way we make sure that the office staff is aware of what needs to be done and there are no surprises for us and, more importantly, for the customer.”

“It really helps to streamline the customer service experience,” he says. “Instead of putting customers on hold or calling them back, we can instantly search CounterGo for a customer’s information without running around the office looking for files – even if has been weeks since we talked to the client. It is a very helpful feature.”

Want to know more?

Call us today to schedule a 10-minute CounterGo demo. 866-312-9273

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