The 5 Most Common Countertop Shop Problems We Hear

The 5 Most Common Countertop Shop Problems We Hear

When countertop shops come to us, it’s because they’re looking for a reliable solution to a business problem. They may not know what that solution looks like yet or they may know exactly what it is. Either way, that’s relatable for anyone who’s ever worked for a small business. So, we can definitely empathize.

During our countertop software demos and the span of our customer relationships, we have conversations to understand what it is that’s keeping the customer’s shop from being as successful as possible and how to remedy it. Here are the most common pain points we hear on a daily basis.

“Miscommunication is leading to too many costly mistakes”

Ever have a post-it note drop off the customer’s file folder and it resulted in a huge mistake? So many countertop shops have experienced similar situations, whether it’s not knowing the status of a job or missing an important detail that was miscommunicated.

When things fall through the cracks, it’s time to reassess the way you track your jobs. When you do this successfully, you’ll have happy customers and as we always preach – happy customers lead to more countertop sales! You’ll have peace of mind AND more business. That’s what I’d call a win-win!

“We’re losing potential customers to competitors”

You’ve met with a couple looking to redo all their countertops in their house. Would be a nice job! All is great and you let them know you’ll draw up their countertops and get them a quote in a few days. You call and sad news – they’ve gone with a competitor who was able to provide them a professional looking quote…immediately. Their quote is clean, informational, and fast. Did your quote look as good?

Everyone shops around before committing to a big purchase. They trust a professional looking quote more than a hand drawn quote or one they can’t fully understand. Get ahead of your competitors by getting them a professional quote in-person or even, by emailing them along with a thank you message. Our customers do this straight from our estimating program, CounterGo!

“We’re getting more jobs and our current way of scheduling isn’t efficient anymore”

Is it getting more challenging to coordinate your shop schedule to ensure that you’re ready to install? Or maybe you’re wasting time sending your templater across town when the homeowner is out or the cabinets aren’t ready. A lot of growing shops have been in those same situations. Using software like Google Sheets, Outlook, and Excel are great options for sharing your schedule with other people in a small shop, but when business volume increases, you quickly outgrow these methods.

Having a streamlined process is essential to a countertop shop’s success. When a customer comes to us with bottlenecks in their workflow, we help them find a way to schedule and organize their jobs with our scheduling software, Systemize.

“More people are doing quotes and there is no consistency”

Generally, when we hear this it’s because a shop is growing – which is fantastic! A great way of avoiding growing pains is to implement a process that keeps everyone on the same page moving forward. This allows for consistency in pricing, quote appearance, and measurements. Your customers will know that you are organized and trustworthy by receiving a quick quote that is accurate and professional.

Another benefit? CounterGo is super easy to learn – you can start creating quotes immediately! And, it’ll be easy to train all those new salespeople you’ll be hiring…

“Drawing and estimating by hand isn’t fast enough”

Another growing pain, we typically hear this when a shop is trying to keep up with demand. Higher demand means more jobs which means a higher profit – and that should be a great feeling! The downfall to not being able to quote these customers in a timely manner is that you may lose a portion of them. Really, you want to keep increasing your quotes and as a result, increase your jobs. Our customers skip the manual work and can produce a good looking quote in a matter of minutes. This allows them to focus on more customers and grow their shop.

Interested in learning how our software can help your shop’s scheduling or estimating needs? Sign up for a demo!

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