We’re hiring another salesperson!

Aug 21, 2018 | Moraware Team

Early in 2018, we added to our support team, and we hired our first marketing person (ever!) Hiring those additional folks means that we’ve made sales one of the bottlenecks in our business.

For about the last 2 years, I’ve been responsible for the sales at Moraware. When I’m on vacation or at an industry event, the support team has been covering for me by doing demos of our software and answering sales questions.

But, all of us agree that it’d be much better to have more capacity in sales. We’re getting new customers faster than ever before, and despite that, it feels like we’re missing sales because we’ve got a backlog of demos. Plus, we’re just starting to roll out our newest product Systemize to our existing JobTracker customers.

Even though we’re not changing the business problems we solve as a company, we’re going to need to explain how Systemize is different, and why it’s so much more valuable to our existing customers. This is a huge opportunity for our company, but it’s clearly a big sales effort, too.

Interested? Read more about the job and apply!

“Moraware is great because my time is spent doing impactful work. I speak with business owners about their companies and get to learn about the real issues they face daily. Our products directly improve their businesses and make their lives better. Plus, I love working with super smart, motivated and interesting people.”