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The Number One Myth About Countertop Fabrication Competition

When you stack yourself up to other fabricators in your area, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it’s the price. If you don’t have the best price in town, you’re toast, right? Well, not really.

We believe the number one myth in the fabrication world is that you must have the best price in order to win over the most customers. It’s just not true, and we’ll show you why.

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Fine-Tune Your Moraware Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Times are tough right now as COVID-19 spreads across the country. States are going on lockdown, and many are being asked to shelter at home.

Business at your countertop shop might be slow right now, but instead of letting stress, fear, and panic take over, spend this time as wisely as possible by fine-tuning your shop’s data.

Kim Duda, an independent consultant that helps Moraware customers get the most from their software, can help.

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How to work remotely during COVID-19: Part 2 – Your office setup

Harry here again with more strategies for working remotely! In my previous post about remote work, I mentioned that over-communication is one of the habits that we’ve learned is a huge factor of having a remote team. Communication tools are really important, but those aren’t the only kinds of tools you need.

There are three main categories of tools – physical tools, software tools, and social tools. I’ll cover the hardware and physical tools in this post.

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5 Best Communication Tools for Countertop Shops

One of the hardest challenges to overcome as a growing countertop shop is an open line of communication. The sales team often has a difficult time communicating with the shop and vice versa. 

A lack of communication can create some serious resentment between employees. Company culture is just as important as the numbers. You want your employees to enjoy what they do, and poor communication can deflate the work environment in a snap.

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) uproots our normal routines, these 5 communication tools can really help your staff stay in touch.

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