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Highlights from the Digital Stoneworking Expo – Orlando, FL

We co-sponsored the latest Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo in Orlando Florida that just took place October 2-3. And as usual, this was a great educational event. Thank you Joan, Mike, Stephanie… and everyone involved.

On Wednesday morning, we had the opportunity to talk about our drawing and job management software with a bunch of countertop fabricators. My impression is that there are more new companies entering the stone industry, with ambitions of growing quickly by using technology.

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Trust is essential for building our company… and yours

For many years, I’ve attended the Business of Software conference and I just got back from the 2019 edition. Instead of being a technical conference, this this event draws a community of software entrepreneurs and CEO’s who want to work on their businesses and can learn from each other.

We’re not necessarily taking over the world (although a few folks now have publicly-listed companies), and want to focus on building businesses that are based on positive values and missions. I believe that a focus on values and purpose is what differentiates successful countertop shops from their competitors, too.

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Discussing the future of fabrication: ISFA Roundtable Recap in Portland, OR

My first ISFA Roundtable was a great experience. Spending quality time in person with ya’ll is probably my favorite part of this job. So first of all, thank you for always letting me ask you a couple million questions and being so open to sharing your successes and struggles as a fabricator. It helps companies like ours understand the process and what we can improve on to help ease some of those pain points.

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Keeping your important data safe at Moraware

When we’re talking to our customers or countertop fabricators who are considering using our scheduling or quoting software, sometimes we get questions about how we protect ourselves (and you) against catastrophes or hacking attempts.

We care a ton about making sure Systemize and CounterGo are running smoothly, so we put a lot of time, money, and effort into our infrastructure.

So, what does that mean? How are we protecting against hackers, viruses, and other scary stuff on the internet? Well…

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