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Stone Industry Education Recap: Orange, CA

Last Thursday, we had the great honor of sponsoring and attending the California Stone Summit event held by Natural Stone Institute & Stone World, hosted at MSI’s Corporate Headquarters in Orange, CA.  Despite a slight attendance hit due to concerns around COVID-19, the event attracted fabricators from all around California, brought together with the unified goal of improving their businesses and learning about the issues their fellow fabricators and the industry are facing.

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A Quick Guide to Setting Granite Countertop Prices At Your Shop

Article originally published January 3rd, 2012. Updated March 10, 2020.

One of the most common concerns granite fabricators have is coming up with a pricing list. If you own a countertop shop with several salespeople, are you sure you’d get the same price from each employee?

Since we help hundreds of countertop shops with estimating, we’ve seen a whole range of pricing methods. Here are a few methods to look for, and a few to look out for.

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8 Valuable Things We’ve Learned From Visiting Successful Countertop Shops

Our awesome team here at Moraware has been visiting countertop shops for years. Meeting our valued customers not only helps us establish long-lasting relationships, but it helps us make improvements to our quoting and scheduling software.

While these visits are so valuable to our own staff, we’ve learned so much that we think other fabrication professionals would benefit from! Don’t worry – we’re not spilling any trade secrets here – just some tips and tricks from fab shops that might come in handy.

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10 Questions Countertop Fabricators Should Ask When Buying Quoting Software

When countertop shop professionals start looking for quoting software, it’s usually because they’re tired of doing everything manually. Quoting by hand is time-consuming, it doesn’t look all that professional, and it’s easy to lose track of the paperwork.

However, before you commit to new quoting software for your countertop shop, we recommend you ask a few important questions. You want to be sure you’ll have all the features you need to get the best bang for your buck!

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Park Industries DSE Phoenix Recap

Geoffrey Gran speaking about Technology

Fresh back from the Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo in Phoenix, AZ and feeling great! Maybe it was all that sun, but more likely, it was a full day of industry fun. Harry and I arrived the day before and were lucky enough to spend some time chatting with folks at the hotel and at our booth – where we talked with old friends and new about estimating, scheduling, and feature requests. 

As always, I come away from these events with a deeper understanding of what fabricators face every day in their businesses. I’m definitely not alone in finding these expos so beneficial. As Brett from Evolution Design said during his talk, “After being to 6+ of these, I still never leave without taking something new back to the shop.”

So, let’s get 5% better together with some highlights from the expo!

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