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The Ultimate Guide to Streamlining the Processes In Your Countertop Shop

As your stone fabrication business grows, you’ll start facing new growing pains. In the beginning, it was probably figuring out how to create quotes and job estimates more quickly.

But as you start producing more kitchens with more customers and more employees, the pains evolve into widespread issues. You have communication issues, scheduling headaches, inventory mishaps, and potential leads keep falling through the cracks.

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(Video) From Good to Great: Using images and slab layout as a sales tool

We spent some time with Jennifer Boles and the team at Nelson Tile & Stone to answer any scheduling and quoting software questions they had. Jennifer was nice enough to share her favorite feature with us – the slab images and layout feature in CounterGo! They find this works as a great sales tool to help their customers visualize their kitchen, get excited, and understand veining.

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(Video) From Good to Great: Better scheduling and countertop job management

One of our long-time customers, Aaron Crowley, speaks about what prompted him to seek a solution for his countertop shop’s scheduling problems. Communication was often lost, customers had to wait for someone to find him to know the status of a job, and things were falling through the cracks. Since he’s been using our scheduling software, Aaron loves the fact that it allows his employees to know an answer immediately and frees up his time to focus on other parts of the business.

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How to Increase Countertop Sales with Better Customer Service

Article originally published March 23rd, 2015. Updated November 20, 2019.

As a countertop fabricator, customer service should be your top priority. I know what you’re thinking – “What about installation expertise or better pricing or higher quality materials?” 

Yes, this is all important, but without top-notch customer service, your entire business falls apart.

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Highlights from the Digital Stoneworking Expo – Orlando, FL

We co-sponsored the latest Park Industries Digital Stoneworking Expo in Orlando Florida that just took place October 2-3. And as usual, this was a great educational event. Thank you Joan, Mike, Stephanie… and everyone involved.

On Wednesday morning, we had the opportunity to talk about our drawing and job management software with a bunch of countertop fabricators. My impression is that there are more new companies entering the stone industry, with ambitions of growing quickly by using technology.

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