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Fabricator Profile: AMC Countertops

When it comes to sustainable growth and managing scalability, Carmina Mendez and her team at AMC Countertops in Wisconsin are hard to beat. Their skills in organization and a willingness to keep learning are top qualities in an often fast-paced, time-constrictive...

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The Perfect Way to Use Software in a Countertop Shop

Okay, I'm sorry for the clickbait title. That was rude of me because the answer is - there isn't one perfect way to use software in any business. For over 20 years, we've worked alongside fabricators running businesses of all shapes and sizes. If there's one thing...

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Anyone Can Grow Their Career at a Countertop Shop

You, my friend, are full of potential. There are many inspiring industry stories of folks starting in one role and evolving into another role that helps them reach their goals, whatever that may be. All you need is a foot in the door and the right mindset. Let's...

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Make Inflation Hurt a Little Less

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and stubbed your big toe on the nearest table? Well, inflation is kinda like that. Except instead of hurting your toe, it hurts your bottom line. It also hurts your ability to get supplies,...

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Tips to Reduce Reworks for Countertop Fabricators

“Oops...” Those are words you never want to hear when you are getting a haircut or during a countertop job. Every time this phrase is uttered, it usually means it's going to cost some money to fix it. And there’s nothing worse than having to use more time and...

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Ask the right questions when buying quoting software.


Stone Industry Education in StoneTalk 37 with Aaron Dahnke

Sorry the show went dark for a while ... we were focused on putting on a great show with our first live, in-person training in Houston. But now we're back! In StoneTalk Episode 37, Patrick digs into stone industry education opportunities with Aaron Dahnke of MIA+BSI....

StoneTalk Episode 35: Get Up-to-Date with OSHA! – with Jim Hieb

In StoneTalk Episode 35, Patrick speaks with Jim Hieb of MIA. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: The role of an industry association like Marble Institute of America and its partnership with Building Stone Institute New OSHA requirements and...

StoneTalk Episode 34: Say Yes to TV – with Carmina Mendez

In StoneTalk Episode 34, Patrick speaks with Carmina Mendez of AMC Countertops. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: How partnering with a key vendor like Cosentino can help you build your business The value of adding a showroom to expand beyond...

StoneTalk Episode 33: Go Digital to Grow – with Kyle Williams

In StoneTalk Episode 33, Patrick speaks with Kyle Williams of Earth Elements. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: How to grow very, very quickly (hint - go digital) How cross-training makes your employees more valuable The importance of company...

StoneTalk Episode 32: How to buy a saw – with Gerry VanderBas

In StoneTalk Episode 32, Patrick speaks with Gerry VanderBas of Breton USA. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: What to consider when buying a saw or router (power, consumables, business needs ... so many things) The importance of software to a...


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