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Centralize your job information for more peace of mind

Oh, I think we all know the chaos of a disorganized system. You know what I mean - phones ringing, too much time tracking down answers, lots of miscommunication and mistakes making everyone cranky. So then you know why centralizing job information in a countertop shop...

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What’s the cost of not changing?

This is one of our favorite questions to ask when we first talk to a fabricator looking at software. It's an important question, and one that can be applied to any part of your business. Let's face it - as humans, we all get into a comfortable groove and it's hard to...

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How Tower Countertops became unstuck

Here at Moraware, we're *big* believers in the power of organizing your business. Over the last year, we've covered a variety of ways to do this depending on what your bottlenecks are. From reorganizing your shop layout for maximum efficiency, implementing software to...

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Tips to deal with unhappy customers

Let's face it - every business hopes their customers are happy. After all, that leads to more customers! But unless we're actively paying attention to what makes our customers happy or where mistakes are happening, there are probably more tough conversations than we'd...

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Fabricator Profile: 77 Stone

As the owner of 77 Stone in Texas and New Mexico, Ed la Puma understands how much time and money matters when running a countertop business. He also understands that software is the key to handling growth pain-free. So how does Ed and his team get the 77 Stone shops...

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What percentage of your business goes to reworks?

You can talk about reworks and how to reduce them until you’re red in the face. And that's actually great because we all know they are a major problem. But, in order to reduce your reworks, you first need to understand the what, who, and how that is unique to your...

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Why Fabricators Should “Systemize the Predictable”

Whenever someone mentions building out processes for your company, many managers get a look of terror in their eyes and run for cover, thinking about 500-page SOP manuals and nitpicking every single detail of their operation. But streamlining your shop doesn’t have to...

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Ask the right questions when buying quoting software.


Stone Industry Education in StoneTalk 37 with Aaron Dahnke

Sorry the show went dark for a while ... we were focused on putting on a great show with our first live, in-person training in Houston. But now we're back! In StoneTalk Episode 37, Patrick digs into stone industry education opportunities with Aaron Dahnke of MIA+BSI....

StoneTalk Episode 35: Get Up-to-Date with OSHA! – with Jim Hieb

In StoneTalk Episode 35, Patrick speaks with Jim Hieb of MIA. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: The role of an industry association like Marble Institute of America and its partnership with Building Stone Institute New OSHA requirements and...

StoneTalk Episode 34: Say Yes to TV – with Carmina Mendez

In StoneTalk Episode 34, Patrick speaks with Carmina Mendez of AMC Countertops. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: How partnering with a key vendor like Cosentino can help you build your business The value of adding a showroom to expand beyond...

StoneTalk Episode 33: Go Digital to Grow – with Kyle Williams

In StoneTalk Episode 33, Patrick speaks with Kyle Williams of Earth Elements. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: How to grow very, very quickly (hint - go digital) How cross-training makes your employees more valuable The importance of company...

StoneTalk Episode 32: How to buy a saw – with Gerry VanderBas

In StoneTalk Episode 32, Patrick speaks with Gerry VanderBas of Breton USA. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: What to consider when buying a saw or router (power, consumables, business needs ... so many things) The importance of software to a...


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